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5 Tips To Feel Happier

5 Tips To Feel Happier

There are some proven ways to instantly feel happier. Read these tips from the Clarity Clinic.

  1. Going for a walk

It can be as simple as that. Spending ten minutes outdoors will boost your endorphins and clear your mind. Endorphin is considered to be the antidote to the stress hormone. Go out to the garden, take a stroll in the park, or head into the woods on the weekends. Nature has always been one of the best stress-relievers, and it is free. If it is hard to go out, then open your windows and view something green or leafy. Visual encounters with nature are also great when it comes to improving your mood. It will have a positive influence on your physiological and psychological states.

  1. Buying a plant

A small pot on your desk can help you calm down. There was a study done by Washington State University that showed plants can drop a person`s blood pressure and reduce anxiety. If you want to breathe easier, then consider getting a snake plant for the office. This plant is great because it absorbs carbon dioxide in the daytime then releases oxygen at night (this is the opposite of what most plants do). When you come to your office in the morning, you are going to begin your day well because of the clean-air boost. Another option is a spider plant -which is considered the most effective air-purifying plant. The plant consumes and transforms harmful pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, and more.

  1. A quick breathing exercise

Your breath is a powerful tool. Gaining control of your breath is something that has been done for thousands of years. Deep breathing results in the stimulation of parasympathetic reactions in the body, which calms you down by relieving the tension. Your body doesn’t get enough oxygen during shallow quick breathing, and the brain goes into a “fight or flight” reaction which leads to stress. You can alter the body’s stress response through short periods of meditation and using your breathing as the focus. There are some studies showing it can change the expression of some genes. Below are some techniques you can try out;

“Equal Breathing” or Sama Vritti: This is where you inhale for four counts, then exhale for four counts. You breathe through the nose because it adds a natural resistance to it. Your focus should be on the same thought as you do this.

“Skill Shining Breath” or Kapalabhati: begin with a long and slow inhale, then follow with a rapid, powerful exhale coming from your lower belly. When you get comfortable with that, increase the pace to one inhale-exhale through your noise every two seconds. Do this for 10 breaths.

  1. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can reduce anxiety and help you remain focused. If an ongoing task is making your feel overwhelmed, consider chewing gum. A study done by Swinburne University in Melbourne found out that chewing gum when doing tasks improved overall effectiveness and attentiveness. Those chewing gum so a 67% better performance on multi-tasks and a 17% reduction in anxiety during mild stress, and for moderate stress situations, it was 10%.

  1. Squeezing out a smile

It has been shown even a fake smile can reduce your stress levels. The brain is always analysing everything to do with your body, and this includes changes to your muscle pressure, posture, and even facial expression. It will then use that information to judge how you actually feel. If a person acts like a happy person, they start feeling like one. Is there nothing you think will cheer you up? Take a pencil then bite it to mimic a smile. There was a study done using this technique and they realized that participants with pencils between their teeth experienced less stress when solving mental challenges. They also endured less pain. Give this a try and you will notice a difference.

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