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7 Causes behind Low Sex Drive in Men 

7 Causes behind Low Sex Drive in Men 

The surge in sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancies is increasing the need for sexual health education. Sexual health affects the physiological and emotional well-being of a person in general. However, several sex health problems are quite common in both males and females.

Common Sexual Health Problems in Men

Several physical and psychological conditions result in sexual health problems. Some of the most common sexual health problems in men are;

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Lowe libido (reduce sex drive)
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation

One of the major factors that tend to make the situation worse is the people don’t usually address these issues. I remember this incidence when my uncle was suffering from some serious problem and was afraid to visit a physician. The problem became severe over time and he had to rush to the best sexologist in Lahore. Sexual health problems can result in an alarming situation and lack of awareness can even make them worse.

What is Libido?

Low sex drive is one of the most common problems in men that can be associated with both short-term and long-term causes and effects. It is quite natural that men observe a general decrease in sex drive with ageing but this is equally problematic for young people. Most of the time, the problem is treatable but it requires the identification of the underlying cause.

What are the causes behind Low Sex Drive in Men?

Some of the common causes of low sex drive in men are

1- Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone or male sex hormone directly affects the sexual health of an individual. Reduced levels of testosterone can result in low sex drive. However, it is quite normal that the testosterone level to lower with ageing but testicular damage and glandular dysfunction can also affect the level of testosterone that is directly associated with decreased sex drive.

2- Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

Restless leg syndrome can be another cause behind the low sex drive in men. The syndrome is associated with a continuous desire to move your legs. Iron-deficiency and damage to the nerve in arms and legs are the leading causes of this syndrome. People with RLS often tend to experience a low sex drive.

3- Depression

Apart from the other aspects of human life, depression can also affect the reproductive health of a person. It can reduce and or even completely hinder a person’s interest in sexual activity. Depression as well several antidepressants can affect libido in men.

4- Chronic Illnesses

Certain illnesses are found to be associated with reducing sex drive. Some of the diseases that can result in low libido in man include;

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Hypertension
  • Chronic lung, heart, kidney and liver problems.

5- Sleep Arena

Sleep arena in non-obese men can damage the level of testosterone which in turn, is directly related to the reduced sexual activity in men.

6- Ageing

Another factor that can interfere with male libido is basically ageing in men. Apart from other physiological factors, ageing can greatly affect the reproductive aspect of man’s health.

7- Lifestyle

Your lifestyle habits play a key role when it comes to your sexual health. Smoking, alcohol consumption and stress are some of the factors that tend to negatively affect sexual health in men. But it’s not always the bad habits that are causing problems; sometimes too less or too much workout can also be problematic.

How can you Naturally Improve the Sex Drive?

It is always advisable to see a sexologist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Because your sexologist is the only person who can diagnose the root cause and help you with your problems. Talking about my uncle, he was visiting the best sexologist at Farooq Hospital in Lahore, who spotted that his kidney disorder was the root cause behind the problem.

However, you can try some ways to boost your libido naturally. These include

  • You can consume aphrodisiac foods
  • Improving your sleep and appropriate stress management
  • Some herbs are also known to improve the sex drive in men
  • Trying some over the counter supplements
  • Discussing the problem with your partner
  • Maybe the chocolate can help you with your reduced sex drive
  • Consulting a sexologist if you are unable to cope up with the problem on your own


Sexual health problems are quite common and can badly affect one’s physiological and emotional health. However, it is always important to address the problem before it goes out of hand. So, seeing a sexologist can be the best thing you can go for!


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