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7 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Ideas to Celebrate 

St. Patrick’s Day is all about celebrating family and Irish heritage. People all over the world celebrate the holiday, whether they are Irish or not, because it is just loads of fun. 

While there are some common ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you can also do some different things to celebrate. In this article, we go over some unconventional St. Patty’s Day celebration ideas so you can make it one to remember!

1. Eat Corned Beef and Cabbage

One of the popular Irish meals for St. Patrick’s Day is corned beef and cabbage. Some people make sandwiches from this go-to grub, and others make stew. Another popular dish to make is smoked sausage and potatoes. 

If you’re with friends, celebrate the day and say “cheers” against a few beers! Whatever you do, make it a fun activity by cooking together and eating all together when it is ready. 

2. Wear St. Patrick’s Day Clothes

This year, make your outfits super festive by dressing head to toe in green. Leggings are the best gym wear but they’re also the best holiday wear! You can wear St. Patrick’s Day leggings as well as chunky sweaters and silly hats that are festive for the holiday. If by the time you have your whole outfit on you don’t look like a leprechaun, you’re not doing it right! 

3. Look Up Your Family History

St. Patrick’s Day is about family. What better way to celebrate than by looking up lost Irish relatives online? You can find tons of information about your heritage on ancestry websites. 

Make it a family activity and start collecting facts to trace family lines together. You’ll never know what you might learn about your family’s history! 

4. Watch Irish Dancing

There are usually local festivals on St. Patrick’s Day where you can go and experience Irish dance and music. Enjoy some delicious festival food as you watch this unique dance form with your family. If you don’t see any local festivals, you can always get tickets to professional Irish dancing shows that travel around the country. 


5. Sing Irish Songs Around the Campfire

Roast Irish sausages and sing along to classic Irish songs like “Danny Boy” while gathering around a campfire to end the holiday right. Enjoy some hot toddies to stay warm and stave off winter fatigue as you spend time together outside. 

6. Make Lucky Marshmallow Treats

Using Lucky Charms cereal, make marshmallow treats with your kids. They will love the marshmallow goodness and the touch of Irish spirit with Lucky Charms cereal! Don’t forget to decorate your treats with green sprinkles to stay on theme with the holiday! 

You can tell your kids about the Irish folklore of the leprechaun finding gold at the end of the rainbow to make it the most delicious history lesson ever! 

7. Look for Four-Leaf Clovers

As a fun activity to do with kids, scan your lawn for four-leaf clovers. Kids can bring toy magnifying glasses and other gear to help them track down this lucky mystical clover. 

If they come up empty, you can move the activity inside and have your own clover hunt with paper cut out clovers that you’ve stationed all around the house. Have the kids look for them, and whoever finds the most clovers will get chocolate gold coins at the end! 

Blend Family, History, and Culture Together 

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is a lot of fun when you incorporate elements of family, history, and culture. Consider the lucky seven suggestions above for ways to continue your celebration after watching the St. Patrick’s Day parade!

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