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Benefits of laser hair removal on men

Male hair removal is on the rise and is here to stay. Modern man needs practicality. If one day laser hair removal was mainly sought after for the beard area, today this scenario has changed, either because of dissatisfaction with waxing and depilatory creams or because of the tiredness of shaving the hair daily. Spending time and money on this is quite inconvenient, isn’t it? If you are considering this method read more about its benefits in this article.

Durability: By promoting permanent hair reduction, it is the most durable way to keep your hair up to date, especially in the beard, the region where growth is most apparent.

Practicality: Most men seek laser hair removal to facilitate their daily routine. With this method, sessions are held at intervals of at least one month – and the time only increases as the treatment continues.

Safety: Glas takes into account the specific characteristics of each skin. A qualified team, the most modern lasers and a high-performance cooling system provide a safe and effective treatment.

Economy: Despite what many people think, laser hair removal is the most economical technique in the long term, as it guarantees a permanent reduction in hair and practically eliminates the expense of shaving products, blades or other depilatory methods.

Reduction of folliculitis: Folliculitis is a common chronic inflammation that mainly affects those with thick hair and oily skin. The condition is aggravated by the frequent use of the razor blade, which causes injuries to the skin, favoring inflammatory processes. By eliminating hair follicles, laser hair removal solves this problem.

Quick result: You can notice the difference in the amount and speed of hair growth from the first session. Hair reduction is increasingly significant as treatment progresses.

Muscle enhancement: If you like to train your muscles, either at the gym or playing sports, the absence of hair highlights the muscles, making the results of hypertrophy more evident.

Increased sports performance: If you are an athlete, know that there are studies that prove that waxing contributes to better performance in activities such as running, swimming and cycling, as smooth skin reduces the body’s resistance to air and water.

Hygiene: Having hair is not unhygienic, but its excess can increase sweat and, consequently, bad odors, since wet skin is more conducive to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Sustainability: Just imagine the amount of garbage that the daily use of razors produces globally and the pollution caused by the disposal of wax and creams. In addition to all the personal benefits, the laser is the greener option as it produces much less waste.

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