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Best Types of Surfboards For Beginners

Best Types of Surfboards For Beginners

The origin of surfboards goes beyond tanned movie stars surfing in movies. The history of surfboards can be traced back to ancient Hawaii. They were manufactured from the Koa wood which is a local tree. The ancient surfboards are extremely heavy and exceed 15ft. in length. A surfboard is a narrow and flat plank used for surfing. 

Surfing is the term used to describe riding a wave using a surfboard. Waves are found in the oceans (beachside and open waters), rivers, and lakes. A surfer can ride a wave while standing, crouching, on their belly and their knees. Surfing is both a recreational and competitive sport. It was officially added as an Olympic sport in 2016. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics was the first time surfing was featured in the Olympics Games.

If you are looking to learn surfing either as a recreational sport or a competitive sport, the most important equipment needed is a surfboard. Other pieces of equipment you will require are a leash, surf wax, board wear, and fins. Whether you are renting your first surfboard or you plan to get a new one to start surfing. This article is here to guide you to the best types of surfboard you need. 

There are numerous types of surfboards for surfing. We have the Soft Top, the Longboards, the Mini Mal, the Fun Shape, and the Shortboard. The Shortboard is used mainly by expert surfers. One crucial thing to note about surfboards is that they have different volumes. The larger the volume, the more waves it catches. The length and materials of construction of a surfboard are also very important.

The best surfboards for beginners must have a high volume to improve buoyancy. It must be easy to paddle and the length should be long enough to catch waves. This makes longer surfboards ideal for beginners.

Best Surfboards For Beginners

There are a lot of surfboards on the market for beginners. The main types include the longboard and funboard surfboards.

The Longboard Surfboards

The exact length of Longboards is always a thing for debate. But any surfboard longer than 8ft. is considered a Longboard. All Longboards have a volume of 78 liters and above. There are numerous varieties of Longboards in terms of dimension and length. Longboards are flat, buoyant, thick, wide, and extremely suitable for novices. Because of the length and volumes of Longboards, it is easier to catch waves and also stay afloat. With a Longboard, a beginner can increase their wave count and have loads of fun while at it. A Longboard is the most ideal surfboard for a beginner.

There are two common types of Longboards suitable for beginners. These are:

The Foam Surfboards: They are generally between 7ft. and 9ft. Foam surfboards are made from foam and they are very soft. This is quite an advantage when you lose your footing and hit your head on the board. Like all Longboards, it catches most waves and they are perfect for surfing white-water. Foamies are the perfect surfboards for first-time surfers. 

Fiberglass or Epoxy Longboards: the length is usually between 8ft. and 9ft. They have greater maneuverability than foam surfboards. Epoxy Longboards are faster and are suitable for learning new moves and tricks. They are not suitable for white-water surfing and are very heavy to carry about.

The Funboard Surfboard

This type of surfboard comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are between 6ft. and 8ft. and are sometimes referred to as ”miniature” Longboards. They are easier to handle and control than Longboards. Funboards are very popular among surfers and they are suitable for beginners too. Whether you are opting for foam, poly, or epoxy funboards, you will enjoy riding the waves. Funboards require more effort and are harder to master compared to Longboards. 

As a newcomer to surfing, your main aim at first is to catch as many waves as possible. While also having a good time. Choosing Longboards will guarantee the fulfillment of your surfing goals. Whether you’re considering taking surfing as a recreational or competitive sport, Longboards are the most suitable surfboards for you. Never forget that the higher the volume of the surfboard, the higher the number of waves you will catch. And as you ride more waves successfully, the better you become at surfing.

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