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Is BlueChew Legit? Learn More About This Popular Male Subscription Service


Men of any age can be affected by erectile dysfunction (ED). Sales of medication like Viagra and Cialis have been impressive ever since they were introduced on the market, showing just how widespread this problem is across the globe. But today, men don’t have to visit their family doctor or neighborhood pharmacy every time they want to address this common medical condition.

Services like BlueChew are making it easier to take care of this matter without the hassle. From start to finish, men have an easy and affordable way to get prescriptions that will inevitably give them a little more pep in their step. If you’re asking ‘Is BlueChew legit?’, we’ll look at the simplicity of the service and why it’s made such an impression on members.

Why Was BlueChew Created?

The team at Blue Chew saw a way to make having an active sex life easier for men who struggle with ED. This can be an ongoing issue that affects more than half of all men at some point in their lives, particularly as they move past the age of 40.

With BlueChew, members receive chewable tablets with the active ingredients found in Viagra and Cialis (Sildenafil and Tadalafil) wrapped in discreet packaging in the mail. To receive their prescription, all they need to do is answer a few questions and receive a concultationwith a licensed medical professional online for a screening before selecting a package with BlueChew. The service connects the user with the licensed medical professional and sets up a virtual, telemedicine appointment.

Is BlueChew a Medication or Prescription?

No. BlueChew is the complete service, including the website and connection it provides to the providers and the tablets. It was named after the chewable tablets it distributes, as opposed to a type of medication. The service partners with healthcare professionals and pharmacies to provide a cohesive experience to the customer. Is BlueChew legit? Thousands of satisfied users think so.

Why Do Members Sign Up with BlueChew?

There are so many reasons to choose BlueChew:

  • Conflicts: From location to schedule, it’s often easier to meet with licensed medical professionals online rather than trying to set up an in-person appointment for prescriptions.
  • Convenience: Instead of having to stop by the same pharmacy (and run into the same people), it’s easier to receive a package right at your door. Your information is kept private and you won’t run into anyone you know to get your medication. Plus, chewable tablets are simply easier to take on a regular basis than standard pills. No swallowing required, because BlueChew pills don’t exist!
  • Affordability: There are no real benefits to paying more for name-brand ED medication. Despite the fact that they’re more well-known, that doesn’t mean they’re any more effective than generic versions.
  • Plans: There are a variety of plans for men via the BlueChew service. Because not every person will experience ED the same way, different dosages and quantities can be chosen based on your needs.

How Are BlueChew Plans Determined?

The plan you choose will depend on both you and the prescribing healthcare professional. Sildenafil and Tadalafil are similar in terms of results, but they are different active ingredients. You can trust BlueChew’s partners to evaluate your health, including medical and genetic history, to determine which one is right for you.

Please note that there are different instructions for both types of medications as well. With tadalafil, you can take a tablet up to 24 hours before sexual activity, whereas sildenafil is recommended up to 4 hours before activity.

BlueChew is also unfortunately not available to all men, depending on both their history as well as their location. Men with certain conditions, such as diabetes, may not be able to take BlueChew for safety reasons. In addition, North Dakota or South Carolina do not allow ED medication shipments within their borders.

Can I Try BlueChew Before Signing Up for a Permanent Service?

When men ask ‘Is BlueChew legit?’, they feel better when they learn more about the company’s policies. This is not a service that locks you into a year-long commitment. You’re free to try it out for a month to get a sense of what you’re paying for. To sweeten the deal even more, BlueChew offers marketing promotions to help reduce the costs for members who may be hesitant to sign up.


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