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Four types of dangerous children’s clothing

Four types of dangerous children clothing

In Henan, China, a heart-wrenching thing happened – a boy wearing “Spider-Man” masked sweatshirt, zipper, accidentally caught by the zipper eyelids! Fortunately, the boy managed to get out of the trap without serious injury. You know, just this little bit, the boy’s right eye, maybe it’s bad!

Today, the style of children’s clothing can be described as a variety of mothers in the purchase of children’s clothing for children, often pay more attention to aesthetics, while ignoring the safety issues. Today, by this article, to give mothers a wake up call, buy children’s clothing, but also have to grow a heart to do! If you have a need for Wholesale childrens clothing in bulk, welcome to shop at prettykid.


Clothing with zippers in our lives is very common, however, zippers appear in children’s clothing is often a very dangerous thing. In addition to the sweatshirt zipper we just mentioned, the more common “hidden danger” zipper, in fact, is the boy’s pants chain. The zipper of the pants not only brings some trouble for the child to go to the toilet, it will have a certain risk. If the zipper is not of good quality or the child accidentally breaks the zipper, there may be a danger of the lower body being stuck. Some experts suggest that the best age for boys to wear zipper pants is after the age of 10. Therefore, parents of boys, try to buy less clothes and pants with zippers and buy elastic pants instead. You know, a not pay attention to, may become the children’s clothing “invisible killer”, really too dangerous!


The pull cord on the child’s hoodie, is also a huge hidden danger. Because of this small pull cord almost happened in the accident, there are countless. For example, when the child is playing, the clothes of the drawstring may appear around the neck; children in the play slide, the drawstring on the hoodie is hooked; children playing, pull the hoodie drawstring and so on, these will cause the consequences of choking death, parents must pay great attention to! So, the drawstring on the hoodie, is simply “anti-child safety” design! This “unconscious” rope, often because of winding, or accidentally, was hooked on other objects, and thus produce choking injuries to children!

Curiosity Lab” column team has done a “children’s hoodie can be fatal” video. The staff used a 1 meter high, 6 kg dummy, simulating children playing slide, the results are: when the dummy model with “upper body sitting straight, legs straight down” position, safe; when the dummy model “lying slide” or ” dive backwards slide”, dangerous! That is because the slide and the platform between the gap of about 1 cm, pulling the rope is easy to get stuck inside. Dummy slide a moment, the neck is strangled hanging, rope and dummy “neck” between the banana is strangled! Professional doctors told us: the child’s muscles and soft tissues are not well developed, if caught in the trachea, will soon be suffocated; if caught in the carotid artery, a minute will be unconscious, a few minutes will die.

In addition, Prettykid as a kids wholesale vendors,the Curiosity Lab also found another hidden danger of the hoodie pull rope: when the child gets out of the car, the rope above the hoodie is easy to be caught by the wheel, the strength of adults simply can not pull out. When the car starts, the pull cord drags the dummy all the way forward, and the dummy’s body is almost crushed by the tires ……

Hoodie pull cord so dangerous, is not the child can not wear a good-looking hoodie it? In fact, as long as the mother in buying a hoodie, pay attention to the length of its free end, buy as short as possible. In addition, those old hoodies at home, as long as the drawstring is cut off, or directly drawn away, children can still wear cute.

Burr accessories

One mother bought her child a nice onesie, but the child wore it for a short time and cried all the time. At first, the mother did not care, thinking that the child was uncomfortable. But when she gave the child a bath at night, she found that several bloodstains had actually appeared on the child’s chin! The mother panicked, carefully checked the various places that may be scratched on the child, finally in the clothes near the neck, found a burr button!

It is the edge of the little burr little edge protruding, became the culprit of the child’s chin seepage of blood! If it were an adult, the delicate chin has been rubbed by the burr, will also seep blood! No wonder the child just put it on! In addition to the burrs on the accessories, there are some rough labels that can also make the child feel uncomfortable. Therefore, the mother must deal with these burrs for the child in a timely manner, and the label on the inside of the underwear is also cut off in a timely manner.

Beads sequins and other small accessories

More horrible than burrs are some of the decorations on children’s clothing, sequins, beads, rhinestones, rivets, etc.. Children like these shiny accessories, sometimes they can not resist picking with their hands, or even bite with their mouths, it is likely to happen accidentally swallowed.

A 9-month-old baby, who had pneumonia repeatedly for 3 months, finally had blue plastic beads about 2mm in diameter removed from his bronchial tubes, suspected to be decorations on his clothes. Some children will also be these trinkets into the ears, easy to block the ear canal, inflammation and pus; some children will be trinkets into the lower body, the consequences of the same dare not imagine. Therefore, please try to avoid buying clothes for children with these trinkets, if trinkets are unavoidable, please do this: go home and check the baby’s clothes, there are decorations, small buttons of clothing, sewing reinforcement again, until the child can not tear down.

Parents in the purchase of children’s clothing must check whether there is a zipper, drawstring, burr accessories or clothing on the decorations are solid, these may cause harm to the child. When you are shopping for children’s clothing, I recommend trying to choose a casual, simple style, do not just pursue the appearance of the clothes, the child wears safe and comfortable is the most important.


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