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How to Build a Home-Workout Station.

Constructing the Ultimate Home Theater

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, many industries were forced to close. As the world went into lockdown to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, millions of people were restricted from seeing family, friends, or going to work. Alongside the closure of work industries and the deprival of people not seeing their family and friends, the world came to a standstill in terms of leisurely activities. Included in this was the closure of gyms, which left fitness fanatics across the globe having to find an alternative to continue with their exercise regimes. Although lockdown restrictions have been lifted and the public have access to gyms now, most people have committed to the alternative measures they created throughout lockdown. Home gyms have become a great alternative as they don’t require a commute, the sharing of equipment, and besides the initial costs of setting up the gym, you won’t have to pay membership fees. Here at We Buy Any House we have provided our best tips on how to build a home-workout station.

Do I Need a Full or Part Time Gym?

This completely depends on you as an individual. Take into consideration things such as:

  • How often do you intend to use the gym? Or what is your typical routine schedule currently?
  • How big is the space you are building the gym in? Is it enough to add a full gym or will you just have the equipment that you use frequently?
  • What is your budget for the gym? This may impact your ability to have everything you desire in the gym.

Finding the Right Space:

Before you start building your home gym, you will need to decide on a perfect space for it. Think about things such as what spaces in your house get used the most frequently, and what spaces can be converted into a purposeful space. Think about things such as:

  • Does the room have space for electrical outlets?
  • Does the room have good ventilation?
  • Is the structure of the room safe to be converted?


When it comes to your home gym, you will need to ensure that you have suitable flooring. Experts would recommend that you add PVC tiles to the floor, as these offer a non-slip floor surface that is perfect for when you exercise. Additionally, the tiles are great for withstanding the weight of gym equipment so that your floor won’t suffer any damage. You could even get various coloured tiles to indicate the different spaces in the gym.

Lighting and Mirrors:

Lighting is essential in any part of the home, and your home gym is no exception. While you’re working out, it’s expected that you will want to see yourself in order to analyse your form. Adding floor to ceiling mirrors is a great way to achieve this, however it’s important to make sure you have the right lighting too. Lighting can massively impact the way we see ourselves, so it’s important to invest in some good lighting and mirrors so that you can see yourself perfectly.


No one wants to work out in the freezing cold- especially throughout the winter months when its dark most of the day. Although you can insulate your gym throughout the construction process, its important to add a heating system. You can either add underfloor heating if you want a more modern and sophisticated look, or if that’s perhaps out of budget, you can add some free-standing heaters or radiators. 


While you’re working out, you will inevitably want a distraction or something to make the room more appealing. Whether you add TV’s so you can watch your favourite shows while you work out, or install a sound system to play your favourite songs to energise you- investing in some form of entertainment is worthwhile.

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