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How to style Oakley glasses

You can achieve a fabulous look when you style your outfit with Oakley glasses. Made with sophistication and precision, Oakley glasses are one of a kind; this brand will ensure your eyes are 100% protected with clear vision. You can style your glasses in different ways. Here are out top tips for you.

Choose your frame shape – face-shape guide

As a rule of thumb, before purchasing your choice of glasses, make sure you’re going for the right frame shape, meaning, not all frame shapes are suitable for all face shapes. For instance, people with a round face type should not opt for circular or oval shaped frames, this will only make their face look fuller. Frame shapes such as rectangular or square will help accentuate the face and add dimensions to the overall face shape.

You can try Oakley Plank 2.0 OX8081 06 53 Polished unisex glasses. Suitable for oval and round face shapes, these rectangular glasses are sure to complement your everyday look. Pair them with anything and everything.

Here are a few more suggestions for other face types too. I’m sure they’ll come handy.

Rectangular face type – if your face is rectangular, you should go for thick wayfarer, clubmasters, cat eye and square frames. These shapes will give the illusion of balance and proportion, as rectangular face shapes are longer in length and shorter in width.

Triangular face type – triangular faces are longer than they are wide with a narrow temple and forehead. To give the illusion of balance, frame shapes such as clubmasters, aviators, and rectangular frames would do the trick.

Heart shaped face – this face shape is broader towards the forehead and gets narrower moving towards the chin area. People with this face shape should go for round, cat eye, oval, and square frames.

Oval face type – you’re lucky if you have this face type. Most of the frames suits this face shape. You can try a range of shapes from cat eye to aviators, you’re sure to be complemented by all the frame styles.

Once you’ve got the correct frame type for yourself, you’re good to go to the next step.

Pick your favourite colour

You might be drawn to a range of colours; you can choose from neutrals to dazzling blues. But always remember to consider your eye and hair colour. You might want to pair your Oakley glasses well with your outfit but also be mindful about your hair and eye colour, unless of course you plan you wear coloured contact lenses or colour your hair!

Black and neutral colours are always a safe choice if you don’t want to experiment too much. Additionally, colours such as black complement everything.

If you’re looking for something different, why not try Oakley Trillbe X OX8130 05 52 Polished glasses? These Oakley glasses are one of a kind. A beautiful gradient of black, grey and white. Not only are these glasses gorgeous to look at, they also beat others at functionality too. Light as a feather, yet durable, these glasses are crafted using O Matter technology. The nylon plastic material is lighter than normal acetate and yet much stronger. Furthermore, it is resistant to heat and cold, making them the perfect pair of glasses for those with active lifestyles. With these glasses, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds – style with clear and protected vision.

Oakley frames and styling

Style your Oakleys with a range of outfits. How you style your glasses will depend on the frame style, frame colour and the look you’re after.

A rectangular transparent acetate frame can be paired well will any casual attire, be it your baggy t-shirt, or just a casual dress, the overall look of these frames makes it easy to pair them with anything. However, if you want to be a little more playful and add a twist to your look, pair these cool glasses with a semi-formal dress. Finish your look with a cool pair of trainers.

Pair these matte black glasses with anything and everything. You can hit it off by pairing these fabulous glasses with colours such as muted green or a serine blue work suit. The black frame will stand out and give more attention to your eyes. Complement your look with circular gold drop earrings and heels.

Suitable for oval and round face shapes, these glasses can be a game changer because of its blue colour, which in itself is quite versatile. These frames are a popular choice among athletes and goes well with almost everything. Pair them with denim, a jumpsuit or even a blazer.

You can always experiment with different frames and styles, and achieve the look you desire. There are endless possibilities of how your can style your outfit with Oakley glasses and accessories.

Oakley frames can be expensive; however, they are definitely worth investing in. The brand will make sure you experience clear vison with the best quality frames. You can have a look at Feel Good Contacts and check out their range of Oakley glasses, they’re one of the cheapest eye care retailers in the UK and can help you save up to 40% on glasses!

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