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The Right Way To Take Care Of Your Tooth

Well, who does not like a smiling face? Everyone loves happy faces. Our dentists try to protect that smile by making it healthier. 

But the question is, what is a healthy smile? 

According to the expert Dentist in Northern Beaches, a healthy smile is a long-lasting and painless one.

As ironic as it sounds, happy faces can cause pain. Having cavities or a broken, untreated tooth is something that no one wants. But having a healthy tooth is not a task accomplished in a day.

All About Teeth

According to biologists, teeth are made up of the strongest material in our body! They say that even after we die, it takes years for our teeth to decompose. Therefore, they cannot be burned or broken easily. Although, they can decay. To ensure that we only give the best and take care of our teeth, here are few precautions we can take-

Brush twice a day

Well, we are sure you have heard about this one. All our elders have been saying it for years but have you ever wondered why?

The answer lies behind a simple logic. Our tooth has a hard outer coating called enamel. Now and then, some bacteria grow on it. The presence of bacteria is normal, although it may cause cavities and other dental problems if it stays there too long. To avoid such problems, brushing with fluoride toothpaste is essential. It helps remove the bacterial layer and neutralise your mouth.

And if you want to further enhance your smile, be sure to drop by this cosmetic dentist in indialantic.

Floss regularly

Floss is not a very common part of many people’s routines, and this has to be changed. Many a time, food particles get stuck in between our teeth. Such tiny substances cannot be removed by brush, and hence we require flossing. 

Dental check-ups

Places like northern beaches have a lot to offer other than the serene winds and scenic beauty. You can find many multi-speciality hospitals and clinics providing regular check-ups.

One can only maintain dental hygiene when one visits the dentist at least twice a year. Half-yearly check-ups ensure that your teeth are doing fine and you need no additional care. Often people come to know about the damage once the pain becomes unbearable. In such situations, the client, as well as the doctor, suffer. The doctor looks for an immediate relief solution for the client’s unbearable pain.

Control on your level of smoking

Not very commonly heard, smoking causes gum problems. When one talks about oral cancer, the main cause is smoking. Tobacco causes our gums to rot and our teeth to decay. No amount of brushing or rinsing out the mouth can prevent it. Substances like Nicotine add on to additional harm. Expert dentists in Northern Beaches have said that damage control can be done by reducing one’s consumption of toxic substances.

 Change your brush frequently

Ideally, one should change their brush every 3-4 months. We understand that most people only switch when they feel that the bristles are worn out, but it is essential to change them frequently. With time, the cleaning power reduces, making them more ineffective.

Drink more water

When we keep our mouth shut for a longer duration, there are chances that it starts to smell. That smell is just the acid building up on our teeth and mixing with saliva. One can increase their water intake to avoid such situations and have a balanced and neutral mouth.

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