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Tips For Good Sleep Hygiene

Tips For Good Sleep Hygiene

Be Consistent

You will be able to sleep much better if you go to bed at the same time every day. It improves your circadian rhythm and gets the body to adjust to these hours. You should also try to understand the time your body feels is natural to fall asleep. For some people, the early hours of the night are the best, especially if they are early birds. Others prefer to go to bed later in the night. Knowing the kind of sleeper you are will help you come up with the right sleep schedule. Once you become aware of the time you have peak performance and when your body feels ready for bed, you can become very productive and have relaxed sleep.

Do not switch up the routine during the days you are not at work. Your body will lose rhythm and it may be hard for you to go to bed at the time you want. Avoid taking long naps on your off days so that you will be bright-eyed on the day you are getting up early to go to work. You can set an alarm for going to sleep just as you set one to get up.

Cut Down On Stimulants

Reducing the amount of caffeine you take throughout the day will go a long way towards having better sleep. If you have to take some caffeine, do it hours before going to bed. The best hours are in the morning because caffeine lasts in the system for hours. It is advisable to take a different beverage during the afternoon and evening hours as the body will relax easily, giving you better sleep at night.

Create A Good Atmosphere For Sleep

If your bedroom does not have the right conditions that make your body feel sleepy, you are less likely to fall asleep at the time you want. Make sure that the room has the right temperature and dim down the lights. A cool bedroom is best for better sleep. Invest in a new mattress if yours has seen better days. Read these Dreamcloud mattress reviews. Make a point of getting comfortable fabrics for your bed sheets and pajamas as they will enable you to sleep without getting restless.

Your Bedroom Should Be For Sleeping

Avoid doing other activities in the bedroom, as this makes for poor sleep hygiene. Do not use the bedroom for working or watching TV. If you use your bedroom as a place for rest, it helps your body realize that, and you will not have trouble falling asleep at night. Keep any work and other affairs in other rooms of your house.

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