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What are the Best Bonus  Symbols in Slots 

What are the Best Bonus  Symbols in Slots casino

Slot symbols are some of the most entertaining parts of casinos. Both in online and offline casinos, players are often on the edge, eager to see the next symbol that’ll pop up on their screen. Many believe that these slot symbols also contribute to the addictive nature of slots – discover more here.

Slot symbols allow players to multiply their payouts, enjoy free spins or access bonus features. In this article, we will talk about the best bonus symbols in slots, and what they mean for you. 

Bonus Symbols 

Both online and offline casinos use bonus symbols to reward a player with a bonus game. Just as every slot has its own unique feature, different slots have a particular design and style to their bonus symbol. In most cases, unlike other casino symbols like the scatter, standard and wide symbols, you have to get a predetermined number of bonus symbols in some specified locations on the reels before you can access your bonus.  Pharaoh’s Fortune and Jurassic Park are typical examples of slots that offer bonus games. 

How to get bonus games

For most slots, a scatter does the same thing that bonus symbols do, but this is not often the case. To trigger your bonus games, most slots require that you get at least three bonus symbols on the same reel. However, the bonus symbols must be on enabled paylines starting from the first reel. In some slots, you’d need to have the bonus symbol in the same position on both the first and fifth reels. There are also cases where you’d need the bonus symbols to be on all the reels before the bonus round can trigger.

Due to the varied nature of these bonus symbols, it is best that you study  the slot’s paytable to understand how its bonus symbols work and how to trigger them.

What Does a Bonus Symbol Look Like?

There’s no specific pattern on what a bonus symbol looks like, but they’re always distinct from other symbols. You  can never mistake bonus symbols because they often have “BONUS” or “Jackpot” boldly written on them. Some slots may not use these words to depict bonus symbols. They may use other fun designs like colored rocket fireworks—like in the case of Hot Fiesta Slots—or a treasure chest, boldly showing free spins—as you would find in Chicken Drop Slot. 

Functions of Bonus Symbols 

It’s a no brainer; as we have mentioned earlier, bonus symbols activate bonus games, however, it doesn’t end there. Bonus symbols also active:

  •     Free spins: Just like scatter symbols
  •     Jackpot bonus feature: Most common among Pragmatic Play Slots
  •     Wheel feature
  •     Mega Hold and spin feature: Also called the chameleon of paytable due to its ability to change depending on the provider’s aim. 


Bonus Symbols are some of the most anticipated symbols for any casino player. They give players access to free gaming rounds and even a chance to play the jackpot. Each slot has a unique design for their bonus symbol. They also have a predetermined number of bonus symbols you must get at specific locations to activate the bonus round.

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