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Carbohydrates to avoid when losing weight

Carbohydrates to avoid when losing weight

Carbohydrates are important food components for your body. They play an important role in ensuring your body has energy. Carbs are the most important sources of energy for your body. The carbs in the food that you consume are broken down into glucose and then proceed to the bloodstream. The glucose is then taken into the cells of your body to produce a fuel molecule called adenosine triphosphate which is used by the cells to power several metabolic tasks. However, some carbs are not good for you when you are trying to lose weight. Some carbs increase the level of insulin in your body. One of the primary functions of insulin is to store fat. So, an increase in the level of insulin translates to excess fat in your body. What are some of the carbohydrates that you need to stay away from?

Carbohydrates to stay away from


Carbohydrates to avoid when losing weight

An average bottle of beer contains 13 grams of carbohydrates. This is a huge amount of carbs when you are on a weight watch. Consuming carbohydrates in liquid form makes weight gain even more likely. This is because liquids bring out a weak compensatory response compared to solid food. If you eat solid food, you will be prompted to compensate for the food intake by eating less food later in the day. If you have to drink you can try liquor or dry wine because they have low sugar and carb content.


Although milk contains nutrients like vitamin B and calcium, it also has a high content of sugar. Milk has a high concentration of lactose which is a sugar and saturated fat. Dairy-free milk however has low carb content and can be substituted for regular milk.

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White rice

White rice packs a high amount of starch and calories. It has been stripped of its fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants. However, if consumed in moderate quantities it most probably won’t get in your way of weight loss.


Despite being a staple food in many cultures across the world, bread has a high amount of carbs. This applies to all bread varieties i.e whole grain varieties and refined flour. Eating a sandwich, burrito, or bagel from your favourite restaurant that contains bread increases the number of carbs in your body.


Many fruits have a high content of carbs and are not suitable for you when losing weight. It is good to avoid sweet and dried fruits because they are the most culpable of having high carbs. These fruits include bananas, raisins, dates and, mangoes. Some fruits like berries have a low carb count and are rich in fiber.


Pasta is affordable but has a high content of carbs. One cup of cooked pasta has 43g of carbs and only 3g is fiber. One cup of cooked whole-wheat pasta has 37 grams of carbs and 6 is fiber. As you can see, both regular and whole wheat pasta contain high amounts of carbs.


Fruit juice has a high number of carbs that cause your blood sugar to increase fast. It is one of the worst types of beverages to drink when you are trying to lose weight. For example, 350ml of apple juice contains 48 grams of carbs while grape juice of the same quantity has 60 grams of carbs.

Sugar in any form

Natural forms of sugar can have as much or even more carbs than white sugar. They have a high content of carbs and low content of nutrients. One tablespoon of maple syrup contains 13 grams of carbs while white sugar of the same quantity has 12.6 grams of carbs. A tablespoon of Agave nectar and honey has 16g and 17g of carbs respectively. Choose healthy sweeteners when you want to sweeten your beverages.


When you are in your weight loss journey sometimes it gets confusing to differentiate which food to stay away from and which food to consume. Make sure that you do research and find a diet that works for you before you embark on this journey. You can find more information on healthy foods on

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