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What Is Endermologie, And Why Should I Care?

FDA-cleared nonsurgical cellulite reduction procedure Body Endermologie is available as well as stimulating lymph flow, breaking up fat cells, and decreasing fluid retention, it also activates fibroblast cells to help the body manufacture its new collagen and hyaluronic acid. A higher level of collagen in the skin may aid to thicken and somewhat tightening the complexion.

Instead of cutting the connective tissue bands that pull down the skin and generate dimples, this treatment does not cause any discomfort, downtime, or adverse effects like more invasive cellulite treatments like Cellfina.

After a vehicle accident left him with burns and muscular injury, French engineer Louis-Paul Guitay (LPG) set out to design the gadget to help release scar tissue. Physical therapists and their patients quickly learned that it was also excellent in reducing cellulite.

What Is the Purpose of Endermologie?

For cellulite therapy, Endermologie, also known as lipo massage, may be used on the thighs and buttocks, as well as other parts of the body.

Others combine it with liposuction or other methods of slimming the physique. Swelling and inflammation are reduced, and recovery time after liposuction is cut in half thanks to Endermologie’s lymphatic system stimulation.

The therapy may also enhance the outcomes of body sculpting and make the skin seem smoother. According to an Expert from a cosmetic surgeon in Baja California, “Endermologie is wonderful after liposuction.” Cellulite may be reduced and tightened by using this product.

For this reason, the treatment may also help alleviate muscular aches and pains, as well as improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of Endermologie body contouring parker co.


  • A 15–35-minute treatment is all it takes.
  • In addition to being painless, there are no side effects or downtime associated with the procedure.
  • Compared to other treatments, the cost of a single session is low.
  • Cellulite reduction and fat loss are only the beginning of its many health advantages, which include lymphatic stimulation, fluid drainage, and pain relief for the muscles.
  • Patients who have had liposuction believe it has improved their outcomes among other things.


  • At least 12 to 16 initial treatment sessions, one or two times a week for the first few weeks, and then subsequent treatments to improve outcomes are suggested.
  • The expense of so many therapy sessions might quickly escalate.
  • Getting results takes time, and they aren’t permanent; you’ll need to return for maintenance sessions.
  • Emtone obtains substantially higher ratings from users in terms of their Worth It Ratings.

What Can You Anticipate from An Endermologie Procedure?

Treatment sessions take between 15 and 35 minutes. Wearing a bodysuit keeps the massage instrument from directly contacting your skin and reduces edema.

Small handheld massage tools are used to suction and knead all over the body, with special attention paid to cellulite-prone regions.

There are three ways in which the gadget breaks down fat deposits: suction, rolling, and pulses.

To minimize cellulite’s “cottage cheese” look, clumps of fat cells gradually break away as the treated region loosens. As a result of this, the lymphatic system becomes more active and fluid retention is reduced.

How Long Do the Effects of Endermologie Last?

This cellulite treatment parker co reduction isn’t permanent, and the time it takes to see effects varies. Depending on your age and lifestyle, you should expect benefits to endure for around six months. For best results, monthly maintenance sessions are required.

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