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Pull-Up Bars: 5 Beginner-Friendly Exercises You Can Do at Home

5 Beginner-Friendly Exercises You Can Do at Home

There are several uses of a pull-up bar, making it a great investment for your home gym. It can be set up quickly and can support significant weight. A pull-up bar, either mounted to the wall or the door, is an essential piece of equipment for any future home gym.

This post includes the top five workouts you can begin doing right away after installing the best free standing pull-up bar at home, even if you’ve never used one before.

  1. Chin-Ups

To get the most out of the pull-up bar, you need to start with the chin-up. Chin-ups are a great way to strengthen your whole body, especially your biceps and back.

The chin-up exercise can be performed as follows:

  •    To do a pull-up, grab the bar with both hands and hang from it, keeping your elbows straight. Always keep your palm facing away from you.
  •    Keep your chest out and your shoulders back and tight.
  •    Begin raising your body by dragging your torso up toward the bar. To successfully do this exercise, you should aim to chest the bar.
  •    Once you know how to do the basics, you can make your workout harder by adding negatives and flex hangs.
  1. L-Sit Pull-Ups

For this exercise, pull-up bars attached to a wall or a doorframe work well. It’s a basic floor exercise, but it helps strengthen your abs and back.

The correct form for doing L-sit pull-ups is as follows:

  •    The pull-up bar should be held tightly.
  •    Don’t let your legs dip below your knees, and keep both legs up.
  •    Never put your legs down. The height can be increased further if necessary.
  •    Hold this for as long as you can without becoming tired.
  1. Burpee Pull-Ups

Exercises, including burpees and pull-up bars, are an excellent way to raise the heart rate and build muscle. To do the burpee pull-ups exercise, do the following:

  •    Squat down with your back to the squat rack and your chin touching the bar.
  •    Drop your body down and push your feet back.
  •    Try some pushups or bow-ups.
  •    When you land, squat down and complete a pull-up from the hanging position.
  1. Hang Tough

Using pull-up bars, this is the easiest workout you can do in your own home gym. Your wrists and forearms become the focus of its attention. Your smaller muscles can be prepared for your bigger efforts with the right amount of training. The hang tough is a simple workout that entails holding on to a pull-up bar for two to three minutes at a time.

  1. Knees-to-Elbows

If you wish to get into shape and shed some pounds, using a pull-up bar at home is a must. To do the knees-to-elbows exercise, do the following:

  •    Your shoulders should not touch your arms.
  •    Turn your hands outwards.
  •    Keep your hands firmly on your home pull-up bar while you swing your legs behind you.
  •    Bring your knees to your chest by bringing your elbows in close together.
  •    Get down on your hands and knees and come back up.

Summing Up

You can work out almost anywhere when you have access to a pull-up bar. If you put in enough time and effort, pull-ups on a bar can help you build up your back muscles in a big way.

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