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The Man’s Guide to Being Healthy (and Staying That Way)

The Man's Guide to Being Healthy

When it comes to being healthy, men have it rough.

Does “health” mean a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger bulging with muscles? What about Keto? Going vegan!?

The examples we men have to draw from are varied, confusing, and often disheartening. So, let’s take a quick step back and think about what “health” means and how we can be healthy for years to come.

Right off the top, being healthy isn’t about the muscles you have or how well you can run. Instead, men’s health is all about maintaining a healthy level of function.

Health Is About Your Wellbeing, Not Your Performance

What do we mean when we say a “healthy level of function?” Well, we mean that you should have a full range of motion, you should be able to do your daily activities without losing your breath, and you should feel good and energized more often than you don’t.

If you can’t lift your arms over your head, get winded walking up the stairs, or constantly feel beaten down and tired, then you should be doing something. Maybe that means exercise, maybe it means eating better, and maybe it means therapy if your mental blocks aren’t improving.

More than anything, though, being healthy is a mindset that all of these activities help you achieve. Exercise helps you do what you want to do, nutrition gives you energy and motivation to get going, and attention to your mental state allows you to do everything else.

So, let’s talk through some health tips for men that address each of these issues.

Get Moving

Exercise has come to mean pumping iron and getting huge. But… that’s not right. See, it’s easy to build muscle, but it’s hard to build muscle that’s also good for you!

Instead of focusing on exercise as a way to hulk out, think about exercise as a habit. Go for a walk every day, do five minutes on a treadmill after work. Just moving is infinitely better than not moving at all.

If you’re worried about staying healthy, start there.

Nourish Yourself

Keto, intermittent fasting and other health fads don’t work all that well. These fads don’t work because they’re not for you; they’re a general plan.

Instead, focus on getting a balanced combination of your essential nutrients and good vitamins like these multivitamins from Vitabiotics.

Then, you can start tailoring your eating habits to your needs. Give yourself an education in good nutrition to back your eating decisions and listen to what your body wants. It’s that simple.

Care for Your Mind

Get a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep is one of our favorite tips for better health. If you find yourself constantly tired, that’s all you might need.

If you’re still exhausted, try scheduling breaks into your day where you intentionally relax for a while. Find something that you can do to release the stress that’s been riding you all day long.

If nothing’s working, it’s essential to seek help from a trained professional. Your mind is valuable and worth the time and attention you send its way.

Start Being Healthy and Be Kind to Yourself

You know your value better than anyone so think about lifelong health like servicing a car. You need to change your oil, you need to use additives to clean the gunk from your lines, you need to warm up before you drive hard.

If you’re at the start of your journey toward health, then check out the rest of our blog. It’s full of great exercises, nutrition information, and ways to care for yourself in other ways. Being healthy is a habit, so start practicing today.

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