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 Successful teeth whitening – how to obtain the best results?

Discolouration, stains and darker shades of teeth are the frequent cause of lack of self-confidence. It might be a result of smoking, eating chosen food products or drinking specific beverages, such as wine or beetroot juice. Teeth whitening is a frequently chosen way of a radiant smile. It improves visual appearance and makes non-vital teeth look healthier. Can you obtain such results at home?

Permanent effect after one procedure

In recent years, numerous sets for teeth whitening appeared on the shelves, as well as on customers’ shopping lists. It was supposed to be a convenient way to a perfectly white smile that was possible to obtain at home. However, it was difficult to maintain the effect after one procedure – teeth quickly came back to its former shade, causing nothing but disappointment.

After years of this trend, it turned out that the best results are possible thanks to tannbleking hos tannlege. Professional clinics offer modern methods of teeth whitening, that are completely safe and provide long-lasting results. One of them is Indexmedica, located in Krakow, which specializes in teeth whitening in 5 methods.

The benefits of professional teeth whitening

This procedure is a guarantee of a white smile, and most importantly, the most secure for your oral cavity. Many of the methods provide sensational effects in a very short period of time. For example, office teeth whitening, with the use of a special whitening lamp, gives a very intensive effect in just one hour.

What is more, the expected effects are long-lasting. Contrary to the sets dedicated to use at home individually, where the effects last up to 3 weeks at maximum, professional teeth whitening with a dentist can last up to 3 years. What is more, each method used individually require regularity and patience, however, the user should be aware that such self routines might result in damaged enamel or cause teeth hypersensitivity.

Where to whiten your teeth?

If you are looking for a professional teeth whitening, your choice cannot be random. Patient care and comfortable conditions are extremely important when it comes to any teeth treatment. Indexmedica, one of the top dental clinics in Krakow, offers high quality treatment combined with the best results and attractive price. If you live abroad, you have probably experienced high prices and long waiting time at your local dentist. Think of a dental tourism, which is a relevant and contemporary way to a white smile. Huge savings are a pleasant side effect!

Are there any contraindications?

Any treatment should be carefully examined and talked over with a dentist before you take any action. Teeth whitening is a popular procedure, but there are still some contraindications. The most frequent are damaged teeth, crowns, bridges or veneers in front teeth area. Gum inflammatory and poor oral hygiene also disqualify from the treatment. Other deciding factors are pregnancy, breastfeeding and insufficient age – patients under 16 cannot whiten their teeth.

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