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Everything You Need To Know About Mitigating Cancer Risks

Everything You Need To Know About Mitigating Cancer Risks

Cancer has always been feared among the masses, claiming the lives of millions of people worldwide. Still, the right against it has been unrelenting through the decades.

Early last year, it was reported that cancer death rates had been steadily declining, an achievement attributed to advances in medical care and fewer people smoking. While not all cancers had improved survival rates, there is hope that the disease is being countered with more grit than ever before. Who knows how much better things will fare in the next 10-20 years?

Still, while some of the news is positive, many people cannot survive cancer solely on healthcare progress. They must rely on their intuition to stave off this horrifying ordeal and mitigate the risks in their fashion.

If you would like to know how to adhere to some of these measures yourself, keep reading.

Utilize a Full Body MRI Scan

If you are going to mitigate cancer risks, you should hit the disease as hard as possible with your preparedness. Fortunately, one promising option available to you is a full body MRI scan.

More specifically, you could sign up for a full body MRI scan for cancer, courtesy of Ezra. After creating an account with them, you can choose a time and location for your appointment that works best for you. The scan itself is prompt yet thorough as well, taking only one hour to screen up to 13 of your organs. If you are serious about keeping cancer at bay, Ezra’s help can support you effectively in that mission.

When it comes to cancer risks, peace of mind counts for a great deal also. Once your scan is complete, you can be walked through your report under the guidance of an experienced clinician. You can discuss the findings and any actionable next steps and return to your life with either assurances or a clear plan to fight back against the disease. Ultimately, this level of support can make an invaluable difference to how you perceive cancer and may even take away much of its power over you.

Checking Yourself

MRI scans can be helpful, but you should also check your health by using your own volition. After all, cancer can often seem like an ‘invisible’ killer, ruining bodies from within. However, it can be detected early through sight and feel alone.

Among many other things, lumps and moles should be checked regularly by yourself in the mirror. Most of them likely will not pertain to cancer, but it is still worth getting them reviewed by a medical professional if you spot or feel any irregularities. For blind spots on your body, such as your back, you can take a picture using a timer setting on your phone. After that, you simply need to pose appropriately and then review the evidence.

If you feel embarrassed by any of your findings, try not to be. Your doctors have encountered a myriad of ailments across all regions of the human body. Should you suspect there is a possibility of cancer in a sensitive area of your body, it may help to first take a picture of your concern and present that to your doctor instead. If your family has a long history of cancer, consider getting yourself checked through advanced screening exams like the geneType risk assessment. If they review the data and determine that it looks serious enough to warrant an up-close inspection, you will perhaps feel less apprehensive and more determined to get the treatment you need.

Reducing Your Alcohol Intake

Cancer can be horrendous luck, but in some situations, it can also be tragically preventable.

For instance, an excess intake of alcohol can put you at increased risk of developing breast and liver cancers. Bowel and stomach cancers can also arise, along with esophagus, throat, and mouth cancers. Equipped with this knowledge, you should reframe your drinking habits and evaluate whether improvements can be made.

It may also be worth adapting your behaviors in social situations. Do you often succumb to peer pressure when everyone around you is drinking? Of course, while you should not go teetotal, it may be helpful to get a read on what vices get you drinking. Are you comfortable being sober when everyone else is drunk? Whether the pressure is direct or indirect, try to manage your drinking responsibly and know your limits.

Revisiting Your Diet

Not only should you reconsider your drinking habits, but your eating habits are also worthy of review. Changes to your diet can help here.

Some foods can also reduce your risk of cancer. Berries, broccoli, and carrots are just some of the things you should be consuming regularly to help your situation. Nuts, olive oil, and turmeric can also play crucial roles in warding away the disease.

Your diet can significantly influence your cancer journey, regardless of what stage in the process you are experiencing. For example, the food you eat during any potential cancer treatments can impact your ability to respond to it effectively and heal in good time. No matter the circumstances with cancer in your life, you should always be eating well.

After the year of pandemics and lockdowns, looking after your physical health may have become more challenging. It might be that unhealthy comfort foods became a vice for coping or that you simply exercised less and ate more. Still, this is one of the most straightforward lifestyle alterations you can make to ward off cancer, so try to get things under control if necessary.

Avoiding Smoking

It is common knowledge that smoking kills and that it is a cause of lung cancer.

However, even breathing in secondhand smoke can be harmful also. If you are frequently surrounded by friends and family remembers who regularly light up, it may be best to distance yourself from them until they have finished smoking.

You might also be under the assumption that only smoking excessively can cause cancer. That is not true. Some people smoke every day of their lives from young adulthood and live to a ripe old age. Additionally, some light up only occasionally, and it ends up costing them their lives. Why risk it?

If you do currently smoke, then eliminate this habit from your life entirely. If you struggle to do so, avoiding triggers, securing therapy, and exploring healthier substitute options will help. While smoking can be addictive, support is undoubtedly out there. Do everything you can to stop smoking – your chances of dodging cancer depend on it.

Protecting Yourself Against the Sun

A year spent under the thumb of a pandemic may also inspire more reckless behaviors that could cause cancer. For instance, you may be inclined to lie out in the sun all day, every day, while neglecting the appropriate safeguards.

Increased and hazardous exposure to the sun’s UV radiation can damage your skins cells and invoke genetic mutations. These mutations are skin cancer and can sometimes be entirely preventable if you stay in areas with shade and apply sunscreen to your body. If you are experiencing sunburn, then covering yourself up is vital to prevent further damage to your skin. Using sunscreen after the damage is done will not help.

The temptation to have fun and let loose after a year of misery and boredom is understandably strong. However, it is crucial that you do not forego your common sense. Getting sunburnt even occasionally every few years can significantly increase the chances of developing skin cancers, so caution may be more important than you might initially presume.

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