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What foods can help combat erectile dysfunction?

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization- All You Need To Know

Male genders who experience erectile dysfunction have extreme difficulty getting erection or maintaining an erect penis. There are several diets and foods that may be beneficial. 

Is erectile dysfunction related to a person’s diet? 

Dietary cholesterol and unsaturated fat consumption have been linked to an increased risk of developing Erectile Dysfunction, according to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study. 


Medications may assist relax muscles and enhance blood flow if the ED is caused by a physical problem. A few typical drugs include: 

 Sildenafil Cenforce 100 

Cialis Tadalafil Vidalista 20 

Levitra is the generic name for the drug (vardenafil) 

Astonishing Stendra (avanafil) 

Interactions between medications 

If you eat slowly, your body has a better chance of digesting and absorbing the medication. Fildena 100 are the most commonly used ED drugs.

Foods that assist with ED 

Preliminary data suggests that men’s health may benefit from consuming certain foods. In addition to reducing ED, they also offer numerous health advantages, making it a no-brainer to include them into your daily diet. 


Flavonoid-rich diets have been shown to lessen the risk of ED in a research. Flavonoids are found in six distinct forms in blackberries. You can also get flavonoids from dark chocolate if you don’t like berries. 


Animal studies have shown that watermelon’s L-citrulline, which is contained in the fruit, may help treat ED by increasing blood flow to the brain. Summertime fruits may have a similar effect as Viagra, boosting penile blood flow, but additional study is required to confirm this. Aside from the fact that it contains heart-health-enhancing lycopene, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. 


Folic acid is abundant in spinach (folic acid).  Folate is a type of vitamin B9 that is found in nature. Folic acid deficiency has been linked to ED in males, according to a research. Folic acid supplementation may assist to prevent or reverse the consequences of ED, but more research is required. 


Nonessential amino acid L-arginine found in oats relaxes the smooth muscle of blood arteries, which in turn increases the flow of blood through the capillaries. L-arginine supplementation may be beneficial in the treatment of ED, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis. 


 Eating pistachios may benefit men suffering from ED, according to a new study. The participants in this tiny, uncontrolled investigation saw a substantial increase in erectile performance after three weeks of consuming pistachios. Antioxidants found in pistachios may increase blood flow. 

The juice of pomegranates 

At California State University, pomegranate juice was shown to help enhance the health of 25 of the 42 men who took part in the trial, even though it was not statistically significant. Pomegranate juice contains antioxidants that help improve ED by increasing nitric oxide levels. It hasn’t been scientifically verified, but if you appreciate this tart beverage, it could be worth a go. 

Acai berries 

As a Nahuatl term for testicle, the Aztecs referred to avocados as ahuacatl (meaning testicle). Avocados are known to contain zinc, which may raise testosterone levels in the current day. 


The potassium content in bananas is very high. Flavonoids are also found in bananas. Men who consume at least three flavonoid-rich meals a week are 10% less likely to suffer from ED, according to a study. 

Species of fish 

Increased blood flow may be aided by omega-3 fatty acids present in most forms of fish. An animal model research indicated that omega-3 fatty acids improved ED in an animal model. 

Peppers with a high heat content 

Capsicum frutescens (chilli pepper) has been reported to be useful in the treatment of ED in Ugandan males. When you consume anything spicy or hot, your sinuses tend to swell. A research on animals found that chilli peppers increased blood flow by altering blood arteries. 

Foods that should be avoided in an ED diet 

Similarly, certain meals may enhance your sex life, while others might impede it. 

In the event that you’ve previously been diagnosed with ED, your healthcare professional is likely to propose that you limit your intake of these three items.

Drinks high in sugar, such as soda and alcoholic beverages 

To get into the mood, a few drinks could seem like an aphrodisiac. Reduced blood flow and decreased testosterone production may be caused by drinking alcohol. ED may be caused by any or all of these reasons. 

Products derived from soy. 

A study of a guy who ate a lot of soy-based goods discovered that he suddenly developed ED. Using soy protein powder for four weeks reduced testosterone levels in healthy males, according to another research. Androgens and testosterone levels may be reduced by eating soy products. 

Licorice, for instance. 

According to one research, licorice sweets might reduce testosterone levels. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is more common in men who have low levels of such a male hormone. 

Other methods of treating ED exist. 

You don’t have to put up with a mediocre sex life just because you’ve tried an ED diet. ED may be treated in a variety of ways, both in conjunction with dietary changes and on their own. 


The underlying cause of your ED will determine the sort of therapy you get. Couples and individual therapy may be appropriate if the problem is emotional. 

In order to stay in shape, one must engage in Physical exercise may help men with vascular ED, according to a study. Reduces cholesterol and improves cardiovascular health. When combined with certain Kegel exercises, it may also assist to strengthen the pelvic floor. 

Another advantage is that it reduces tension. Stress-related ED may be lessened by getting your heart rate up or rediscovering your zen via yoga. 

Changes in one’s way of life 

Health issues, such as smoking, obesity and excessive alcohol intake were studied in a research. People with ED may benefit from adopting adjustments in these areas, such as quitting smoking, gaining weight and cutting down on alcohol use, and increasing physical exercise. 

If you’re taking medicine, it’s extremely important to check with your doctor before taking any dietary supplements, since there may be an unpleasant response. 

They may interfere with certain foods and drugs. There are several ways to enhance the amount of Viagra in your system, such as drinking grapefruit juice. Take medication an hour or two before eating a meal for the greatest benefits.

If you use blood pressure medication, you should talk to your doctor before using ED medicine. It’s also a bad idea to take two different antidepressants at once. Dizziness and heart attacks may occur if you take these drugs together or if you use Viagra with blood pressure medication.

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