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10 Common Signs Of Fatigue

10 Common Signs Of Fatigue

The majority of adults will experience fatigue at some point in their lives. Whether caused by lifestyle factors or underlying medical conditions, it has the power to disrupt everyday life, making it difficult to carry out tasks that once seemed easy.

While it’s completely normal to feel tired from time to time, fatigue often lasts for long periods of time and comes with a series of different side effects. Within this guide, we will be taking you through ten common signs of fatigue.

Signs Of Fatigue

  1. Constant Tiredness

Constant tiredness is the most common sign of fatigue. Tiredness from fatigue often feels more severe than the tiredness you experience from a rough night’s sleep. To help with constant tiredness, many people seek help from magnesium tablets, as magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. 

  1. Headaches

If you are experiencing fatigue and constant headaches, it’s worth booking an appointment with your doctor. Frequent headaches can be incredibly debilitating and may be a sign of an underlying health issue. 

  1. Dizziness

If you are struggling with fatigue, you may feel dizzy from time to time, especially if you stand up too quickly. According to the NHS, feeling dizzy is a sign of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), so once again, it’s best to visit your doctor if you are experiencing this symptom.

  1. Sore Muscles

Sore muscles are a tell-tale sign of muscle fatigue. Your muscles are likely to ache after partaking in strenuous exercise, so don’t forget to allow yourself time to rest so that they can recover.

  1. Irritability

Fatigue can be an incredibly frustrating thing to deal with, which naturally leads to irritability. You are more likely to feel irritable if you aren’t sleeping well.

  1. Appetite Loss

Short term tiredness and appetite loss are not usually a cause for concern, but if the symptoms persist, you may be struggling with an underlying health condition. It’s important to fuel your body with a healthy and balanced diet; don’t neglect this.

  1. Poor Concentration

Mental fatigue, in particular, can affect your concentration levels. Whether your fatigue is a result of poor sleep or mental health concerns, low energy levels can make it hard to focus.

  1. Low Motivation

All of the signs of fatigue can leave you feeling rundown, making it hard to find the motivation to carry out everyday activities. This is particularly true if you are struggling with a mental health condition such as depression.

  1. Slow Reflexes

If you are experiencing fatigue, you may not have as much energy to react as quickly as you usually do. This is particularly detrimental to athletes that have overworked themselves.

  1. Poor Hand-To-Eye Coordination

Similarly to poor reflexes, poor hand-to-eye coordination may be a sign of fatigue.

Causes Of Fatigue

It’s important to remember that fatigue is a symptom; it can arise when triggered by a variety of different factors. Read on to discover the common causes of fatigue:

Physical Causes:

There are many health conditions that can cause you to feel tired or fatigued. This includes anaemia, sleep apnoea and an underactive thyroid.

Psychological Causes:

The psychological causes of fatigue include stress, depression, anxiety and emotional shock.

If struggling with fatigue and unable to pinpoint a cause, get in touch with your doctor for further examination.

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