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10 Invisalign Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

This article is for those considering Invisalign but are overwhelmed with the numerous information on the internet, and it contains every information an Invisalign wearer should know. 

Although Invisalign treatment is one of the proper ways to straighten the teeth and brighten your smile, adhering to these hacks will make your experience easier. 

  • Your Invisalign case

This should be your best friend. Always hold it in your hand, pocket or bag – everywhere. You wouldn’t want to experience a worse scenario when you go to a restaurant without your case because the case doesn’t match your dress. So, you placed your Invisalign in tissue paper, only for the waitress to pick it up and throw it in the trash bin. This sounds ridiculous, right? Trust me; it doesn’t.

  • A good nail file

Get a good nail file. You can never tell; your new aligners may give you unexpected sharp spots that will cut the mouth and tongue and make your mouth feel bloody annoying. You need to file the sharp spot, and you’ll be good to go. Do not stress yourself by visiting your dentist when you can easily fix it at home.

  • No chewing gum

Avoid chewing gum at all costs. Irrespective of what people are saying, you can’t chew gum when wearing an aligner. If you disbelieve me, try it and see the result.

  • Matte lipstick

Many people tend to think that they must stop using lipstick or lipgloss when they begin Invisalign London. This is a myth. Do not let your lips go colourless and dry. However, when using your lip gloss, you must use the perfect product. Matte lipstick has been found to work well. Make sure that your lips are dry and set before making any movement with your mouth. A smile immediately after a lip gloss application can stain your aligner. However, do not fret; when it stains it, the gloss washes off easily.

  • Switch before sleeping

Switch to new aligners before you sleep. Why should you do this, you may ask? It is better to put your teeth in an undisturbed position for a duration of time. Don’t you think it is better to have the new aligners in the right position during the hours of your sleep?

  • No coloured lollies

Coloured lollies and lozenges should be your enemy. Avoid it, and do not put sweets in your mouth when wearing the aligner. It can cause severe damage to your cavity and stain the aligners and give it a nasty colour.

  • Emergency dental travel kit

Always have an emergency dental travel kit in your car or bag. It is also essential for you to only put clean aligners on neat teeth. It doesn’t mean that you should brush after every meal; and however, you must rinse your mouth thoroughly and pick out the foods that may get stuck in your teeth before fixing the aligner in the mouth.

  • Use your outie

Those who have Invisalign know about the pain of taking out the aligners after getting your attachments, and this has made them invent the “outie”. The outie helps you to eliminate every hassle with your hands.

  • Soak while eating

Soak it in a denture solution when eating dinner or breakfast to refresh the aligners and help brush off excess gunk.

  • Smile

Smile always. Show off your bright smile and beautiful teeth to others. Discuss Invisalign with them.

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