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12 Potential Signs Indicating Infertility 

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Continuity of life is brought about by reproduction. A living organism mates and reproduces to produce its offspring, to carry out successive generations. Humans also adapt the exact process to carry their species to the next generation.

The ability of a body to reproduce among itself and produce offspring is the measure of fertility in that person. But sometimes, due to different circumstances, the power to mate and produce offspring weakens or is lost, leading to infertility. The topic of discussion for today is 12 potential signs indicating infertility.

12 potential signs you may have infertility:

Infertility is defined as having no ability to have a child even for how long you have been trying to succeed. A few possible early signs indicate infertility; some couples may not experience any symptoms but get difficulty getting pregnant. So, it is essential to consult your family doctor to get the necessary treatment. Following are 12 potential signs as seen in most couples experiencing infertility.

Irregular periods:

The female reproductive cycle is a 28-day long cycle in which the female faces changes in the whole reproductive system. At the menarche (start of periods), the female faces irregular periods, which is normal and requires time to get regulated. However, once a female matures, the menstrual cycle is controlled by the teenagers. After that, irregular periods can be very alarming and indicates a red flag towards infertility due to a sign of ovulation problems.

If you encounter a menstrual period of more than 35 days, it is dangerous. Less than 24 days or getting no periods at all is even more alarming.

There are many possible reasons for irregular periods. Some of the causes of such problems are listed below:

  • Being underweight or overweight.
  • Low ovarian reserves.
  • Thyroid dysfunction.
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Primary ovarian insufficiency.


Both men’s and women’s fertility depends upon age and declines as age passes. On average, a 30-year-old woman has a 20% chance of becoming pregnant in a month, whereas a 40 years old lady has just a 5% chance. Experts suggest that the risk of infertility increases if your age is more than 35 and continues. Also, the risk of congenital diseases in children and miscarriage increases as women are more than 35 years of age.

Heavy or light bleeding and cramps:

The menstrual cycle of females includes a period in which there is bleeding due to shredding of the uterus. A bleeding period of 3 to 7 days is considered normal. If the bleeding pattern is disturbed and you have heavy and intense or very light bleeding. There are other period-related problems which are indicating infertility, which is listed below:

  • Very severe menstrual cramps.
  • Unusual spotting between your cycles.

Significant changes in bleeding days.

Menstrual cramps, which are very severe and can interfere with the daily lifestyle, are the symptoms of endometriosis. This condition may also cause infertility in women.


Fertility is well linked with the weight of a person. Both overweight and underweight conditions make it difficult to conceive a child. Researches reveal that obesity is one of the common causes of preventable infertility. Obese men are believed to have low testosterone and a lower sperm count.

Male infertility:

Male fertility is not so easy to diagnose and is less common compared to women. It happens if a man suffers a low sperm count rate which medical tests could examine. Therefore to confirm, it is required to visit your doctor.

Miscarriage rates:

Recurring miscarriages are the most prominent indications of infertility in women.

Chronic illnesses:

Chronic illness such as hypothyroidism could also trigger infertility. Sometimes, it is observed that even treatments for chronic diseases harm fertility.


Some types of cancers have a very negative impact on fertility. Several chemotherapy treatments can cause permanent infertility.

Sexually transmitted diseases:

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as gonorrhea can cause the blockage of fallopian tubes in females, causing infertility.

Smoking and alcohol:

Smoking and alcohol significantly affect sperm count and can make it difficult to conceive a child.

Toxic radiation exposure:

Radiation can cause the destruction and alteration of genetic material. Therefore it is seen that radiation exposure has a vast effect on fertility and may lead to permanent infertility.

High temperature:

The reproductive system requires the optimum temperature to produce its sex cells and hormones. It is seen that high levels lower the fertility rate.


Fertility problems may lead to social disturbance. It is seen if early diagnosed in some cases, it can be cured. Therefore the early diagnosis is necessary. A Endocrinologist is a specialist having skills in the diagnosis and treatment of problems of fertility. At Marham.Pk, we have the best team of Endocrinologist  for your support.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to infertility problems:

Some questions related to infertility are answered below:

Is infertility causing mental disturbed?

Yes, it is seen that infertile ones may experience mental disturbance due to social problems.

Do infertile women have periods?

The answer to this question is yes. It is because infertility may also be caused by ovulation disturbance. You may have menstrual periods while being infertile.

Can I check my fertility at home?

You can check your fertility at home by taking a blood sample and sending it to the laboratory for further hormonal checkups and another medical testing.

Can sexual desires affect fertility?

Sexual desires may indicate a good hormone level necessary for fertility. Therefore the person who has no sexual desires is believed to have signs of infertility.

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