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3 Bladder Strengthening Exercises to Control Urinary Incontinence

3 Bladder Strengthening Exercises to Control Urinary Incontinence

Do you struggle with urinary incontinence? Well, you’re not alone.

Anywhere between 25% to 33% of American adults suffer from this condition, which is probably more than you thought! And interestingly enough, it’s not just women who have incontinence; men do too.

While it can be an embarrassing medical condition, you can decrease the chances of an accident happening by doing bladder strengthening exercises.

Here are 3 exercises to help with bladder muscle strengthening.

  1. Do Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are the most effective exercises when it comes to bladder strengthening. This is because it directly involves the muscles that control your bladder muscles.

These exercises are pretty simple to do: simply tighten your pelvic floor muscles for 3 seconds, then relax for 3 seconds. If you aren’t sure how to tighten/relax your pelvic floor muscles, stop urinating midway the next time you’re in the bathroom. These are the muscles you need to work out!

Do a few repetitions throughout the day, every day. It’s important to be consistent with Kegel exercises so you continue building up your bladder strength.

The good news is, this exercise is very easy and discreet to do. So while you’re sitting at work, driving around, or hanging out with friends, you can always squeeze in a few reps!

  1. Try Bladder Training

Bladder training is where you wait as long as you can before you urinate. It can be uncomfortable at first, so only do bladder training if your environment allows for it.

If you’re prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs), you might want not want to push yourself as far. Try to hold in a little more urine than usual, then go to the bathroom. Slowly increase your bladder capacity and you’ll see a difference in a few weeks.

  1. Avoid High-Impact Exercise

You might’ve noticed that doing exercises such as lifting weights and doing sit-ups can cause leakage. If you enjoy working out but want to avoid accidents, you’ll need to replace your exercises.

More specifically, you should switch to core strengthening exercises, such as pilates. Aerobics and jogging are good substitutes as well, and they’ll help with stress incontinence.

Great solution for urinary incontinence in men is the Men’s Liberty external catheter, which is very effective, and allows you to enjoy walking and exercising, without stressing about leaking.

Talk to Your Doctor

In conjunction with the above exercises, you should also see your doctor. They’ll be able to examine you and determine why you’re suffering from incontinence. Consult with Professional Urologist in Dubai.

From there, they might be able to prescribe medications such as Myrbetriq (Mirabegron). These prescriptions can help manage symptoms from an overactive bladder so you can lead a more normal life.

Try Out These Bladder Strengthening Exercises

If you struggle with urinary incontinence, then you’ve got to give bladder strengthening exercises a chance. They can help you build up bladder strength and keep it up too!

In addition, don’t forget to make an appointment with your doctor. They’ll be able to help resolve any underlying issues that may be causing your incontinence.

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