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3 Great Garage Conversion Ideas

How long not to get tired behind the wheel

With summer drawing ever closer you may find that it is an ideal time to start thinking about home improvements. One such improvement that is becoming much more popular is the conversion of your garage into a new living or entertainment space. If you find that your family vehicles can be parked in your driveway or outside your home, you can free up this space into something far more useable and beneficial to all the family. Here are some of the best examples of garage conversions for a variety of different usages that will offer something for every homeowner.

  • A home gym

If you are a fitness enthusiast but find that you struggle to find the time to get to your local gym, converting your garage into a home gym may be the ideal solution. With a home gym you can work out when it suits you without the need to travel and in complete privacy. Planning a home gym is also a relatively simple procedure. You may wish to put exercise mats down to improve comfort when working out or potentially opt for a different flooring surface such as rubber or various hardwoods which will both cushion your body as you work out and withstand the weight of your exercise equipment. Next, decide on key pieces of gym equipment that you will use regularly and add in task lighting over this equipment so you can work out safely. As a final touch bring a sound system or Bluetooth speaker into the room and exercise to your favourite motivating tracks.

  • A dedicated gaming room

If you have a family with teenage children, it is highly likely that they will be keen gamers. Gaming is an enormously popular pastime that can be enjoyed by all the family and modern PCs and consoles can play games that offer previously unachievable levels of graphical quality and immersion. Converting your garage into a dedicated gaming room is relatively simple. Firstly, you should decide on what current gen console or what gaming PC is going to be used there. Add in a high-quality gaming chair to allow extended play sessions to take place in comfort and use strip LED lighting to illuminate the space adequately to minimize eye strain over protracted sessions. These are key components, but it is also of paramount importance to ensure that you have a strong, fast and reliable internet connection to allow you to play online games without lag or slowdown. It is well worth researching what is the best fiber internet available in your area to allow you to play the latest games online effectively. Fiber internet currently offers the fastest internet download and upload speeds and is vital for games where lightning quick reactions make the difference between winning and losing.

  • A home office

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, home working and hybrid models of work have become available to a growing number of employees. These models of work can greatly improve your work life balance, but it is important to remember that a home office space should be comfortable and dedicated to work. Converting your garage into a home office is a great solution to being able to work without interruptions and this conversion will create a dedicated room specifically for work. 

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