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3 Indicators of a Well Run Nursing Home

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It is a fact of the modern world that we live in an aging society. Between 2015 and 2050 the World Health Organization estimates that the number of people on the planet aged over 60 will almost double from 12% to 22%. As the population ages there is an increasing demand for high quality nursing and care facilities to cater for our elderly populations and their sophisticated health needs. If you have elderly relatives or loved ones and the decision has been made that they need to move into a nursing home to ensure that they can receive the best healthcare for their needs, you need to ensure that they will receive this. Here are just some of the key factors that indicate a nursing home is well run and can cope with patients’ complex health needs whilst offering them the best quality of life.

1. They have highly trained nursing staff

A nursing home will be expected to cater for a wide variety of patients and may include those who are suffering with dementia or those that have had one or multiple strokes with lasting effects from these. Some of these patients may have difficulty swallowing as a direct result of the aftereffects of stroke and dementia. As such the nursing staff should have access to products such as SimplyThick Easy Mix which is used to thicken food and drinks to make it easier to swallow for these patients. The staff must be trained in the administration of these products along with having the skills to deal with other complex symptoms in their elderly patients. When researching nursing homes, it makes sense to contact them to find out the skill mix and level of training that their staff possess to ensure that they can provide effective services for your loved ones.

2. There are a wide range of activities

Whilst there may be a range of seriously ill patients in a nursing home who are limited in the activities that they can undertake; a well-run nursing home will be able to offer a mix of activities that stimulate the mind and body for the residents who can do these. Common activities include gentle exercise to music to promote good body health and wellbeing and social activities such as bingo which promote entertainment for groups of the elderly. It is well worth asking to visit prospective nursing homes to see what activities are available to residents and if these would be enjoyable for your relatives and loved ones.

3. They serve excellent quality meals

A key factor in determining the standard of a nursing home can be seen in the food it serves its residents. If you can visit a nursing home, try and be there at mealtimes and ask yourself if you would enjoy eating the meals that are on offer there. Excellent quality food is vital for keeping all ages healthy, especially the elderly and its importance cannot be underestimated. Whilst nursing homes may need to puree the food for some residents due to their health needs, the key ingredients should be high quality and incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables into a balanced diet. 

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