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3 Reasons to Buy Vegan Shoes for Your Kids

3 Reasons to Buy Vegan Shoes for Your Kids

Is your child the one who is pestering you about wanting the latest pair of shoes? If they are, it’s not surprising. Most kids want those new shoes that have the latest design or came out three months ago but have a price tag that says $200 to $300 on them.

Not only does this waste money, but it also questions the ethics behind the amount of leather and other materials that go into these shoes, especially if you sacrifice quality for the price and spending the same amount on 10 pairs of cheap shoes that you have to keep throwing away.

If this sounds like your household, it might be time to invest in a quality pair of vegan shoes for your kids. So we’ve listed 3 excellent reasons why you should run with this idea.

  1. Vegan Shoes Are Better for the Environment

We highlighted this above, but think about how much fabric you’re going through buying cheap shoes that get thrown out after a few wears. And, that also goes for accumulating many shoes that never get worn.

By going with vegan shoe brands or shoes made of other eco-conscious materials, you’ll be in a better position to take care of the planet. Why not try a pair of vegan leather shoes for those smart occasions?

  1. Vegan Shoes Are Durable

Now, this is something that you might not consider important but think about your kids’ shoes. They are always going in and out of them, playing in the mud, running around the back yard when it rains. Through all this, they’re always getting dirt and other material on them.

Unfortunately, with cheap shoes made out of cheap animal products, they aren’t built to last. They’ll start to fall apart within a few weeks at the most and can lead to your kids getting sick from wearing them.

Since they are more durable and feel much more comfortable for your child on their feet, you can be sure that they’ll get much more wear out of vegan shoes for kids.

  1. Kids Develop Compassion and Empathy for Animals

Shoes are an extension of a kid’s personality. It gives them a chance to showcase their traits, be it smart, vibrant, wacky, or subdued. And what better way to do this than your kid showing the world how passionate they are about the planet?

It’s also a great way to educate kids about how to care for animals and look after the environment for the future, making sure we don’t continue to neglect nature and each other.

Plus, vegan shoes have an ethical standpoint that goes beyond the materials. They’re also made without the controversial politics of child labor, so you can feel satisfied knowing you’re investing in the greater good of all areas of social change.

Small Steps Forward Include Vegan Shoes

So, these are the 3 reasons you should consider investing in vegan shoes for your kids. As we’ve mentioned above, it won’t be an easy task if you’re looking at a quite different shoe from what they wear now, but it’s a worthwhile challenge.

And while you’re at it, why not check out vegan shoes for men or vegan shoes for women? There’s a vast range of adult shoes from casual to smart and even vegan running shoes!

For more top fashion tips, keep reading our site and see what other posts you can find!

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