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3 Ways to Immediately Kill COVID Germs: A Guide to Disinfectants

3 Ways to Immediately Kill COVID Germs: A Guide to Disinfectants

One of the scariest things about the COVID-19 pandemic is the invisibility of the virus itself. People can be carriers and not even know it, which is strange enough to consider. But add to that the fact that the virus is most active when it’s airborne, and you’ve got a terrifying scenario.

Prevention through social distancing and wearing a mask are just the first steps. The experts talk so often about using disinfectants and keeping surfaces and hands clean because they’re small actions that really make a big difference in quelling the virus. When you attack COVID germs head-on through effective cleaning, you’re going beyond prevention and being proactive.

So what are the best ways to get rid of COVID germs? What do you need to know to build your confidence in staying ahead of the virus, so you can better protect you and your loved ones’ health and safety? Here’s a list of our top three methods.

  1. Household Disinfectants and Cleaners

There are over 500 EPA-approved disinfectants, including sprays, wipes, and other kinds of products. You can safely sanitize surfaces in your home with several cleaning products, ranging from Lysol and Clorox to regular isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Hand-Washing

It’s simple but effective: Hand-washing, when done thoroughly, actually breaks down the outer molecular layer of the virus. And this immediately kills the virus. You can use either regular antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer, as both have the same effect and are equally powerful at helping to stop the virus’s spread. The Vidar antibacterial soap and Blue Safety sanitiser are both great products and are available here.

  1. Disinfectant Fogger Devices

You can disinfect an entire room using these devices. They use liquid antimicrobial solutions and convert them into vapors. These vapors turn into a wide-reaching mist that gets into both hard-to-reach and high-traffic spaces all at once. A portable disinfectant fogger is an incredibly powerful tool that is perfect for not only business spaces but also rooms in your home.

Any one or combination of these methods is an excellent way to keep your home or business clear of COVID. Having at least one space you can safely return to and trust to be free of COVID germs will give you so much more peace of mind.

Use Disinfectants to Create a Space Free and Clear of COVID Germs

Combining research on these methods with the use of what you already have stored in your home is a powerful way to start clearing your space of COVID germs. Simple disinfectants are a great option to start with. You can also take them to the next level by exploring how disinfectant foggers could help you.

If you enjoyed this article, feel free to check out our other posts on this site. We prioritize being ahead of the curve when it comes to having a healthier lifestyle, and you can explore even more about revolutionary approaches to bettering yourself.

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