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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Coffee Machine Today

5 Easy Ways to Add Protein to Your Coffee

Gone are the days when one needed to wait 15 minutes for a coffee to finish brewing manually. Be it your Monday coffee run before office or your study partner beverage–coffee has done more than just keep you awake.

With the increasing demand for coffee– research shows that 75% of Australians require coffee every day; quick coffee brewing becomes imperative, be it at the comfort of your home or workplace. This means you get both quick and delicious coffee brewing at once. As a result, coffee machines in Australia have become extremely popular as they cater to this very purpose today. 

One of the hallmarks of coffee brewing is the pride many baristas and allied professionals take in manual press and brewing. However, the original art of coffee making is much more complex than just pressing ground coffee beans. It involves gathering the finest coffee seeds, roasting them to the required degree, adding chicory or not based on the consumer expectations and then grinding them to a powder. 

However, Aussies love their coffee so much that 35% of the population have personal espresso machines. A few others prefer their coffee from cafes or takeaways, making Australia’s love for coffee equivalent to their passion for the outback! So there is a quick demand for coffee that the coffee machines in Australia try to cater to in all these situations. 

Types of Coffee Machines

Since coffee is a prerequisite for both an average coffee enjoyer to a professional barista, coffee machines inevitably encompass a range of utility and complexity. A coffee machine is typically described as an electrical countertop appliance that helps one brew coffee automatically. This means there is not much work involved except adding your favourite ground coffee and some hot water. In some cases, like professional coffee machines, there are other elements like a frother as well. 

Coffee machines that inherently support high-intensity brewing come in simple, home-style versions and exclusive brewery models. These machines also have provisions that help grind a variety of coffee beans, most commonly Arabica beans.

A vital distinction is in administration. Coffee machines are utilised in electric and manual settings. While the former is used in homes due to its ease of access, the latter is used by learning and leading baristas. 

Depending on the requirement, coffee machines range from expert Opera brewers to small, multicoloured Cube machines to sleek Cafe Racer coffee machines with sturdy chassis. 

Why prefer a coffee machine?

  1. Ease of production: Imagine a flick of a switch gives you freshly brewed coffee to kick start your day at home instead of you waking up, heating milk and waiting to add the coffee blend! Sounds like a winner.
  1. Versatility: These machines come in different types of boiler devices and chafe plates suited for all environments. These not only have temperature settings, but they also come with energy-saving options that can upscale your lifestyle.
  1. Aesthetics: These machines will instantly glamorise your kitchen countertops as they are made of the top-most quality materials and designs. Coffee machines in Australia are specially fashioned to suit contemporary design styles. They also come in various colours and different types of finishes–glossy, shiny, matte; you name it, you got it!
  1. Cost-effective: Coffee machines are priced based on their qualities and intricacies. Be it small, simple coffee grinders or complex brewing machines with temperature and steam control–your coffee dreams have just become more affordable. 
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