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5 Foods You Must Avoid If You Have Sensitive Teeth

5 Foods You Must Avoid If You Have Sensitive Teeth

Teeth sensitivity is a serious concern for millions of people. It is also known as dentin hypersensitivity. You experience it mainly due to wearing the enamel layer of the tooth. This issue troubles mainly when you consume something hot, cold, or acidic. You should avoid the following five foods as long as you have sensitive teeth.

1.Ice cream

Ice cream is delicious and it is pretty tough to avoid it for too long. It can cause tooth pain if you got sensitive teeth. Ice cream can make your teeth more sensitive due to its ingredients. The problem gets worse due to deteriorating enamel.

The enamel layer works as a protective barrier for dentin. People experience tooth sensitivity when something hot, cold, or acidic get in touch with dentin. Ice creams are quite cold and therefore they often cause tooth pain.

2.Soda and soda-based products

Soda contains sugar and acid. These two ingredients irritate the exposed nerves. Again, wearing enamel is responsible for this condition. Soda and other acidic juices can severely damage enamel. Therefore, you must limit the consumption of soda-based drinks. Thus, you can protect the enamel layer and make it stronger.

3.Hot coffee

People with sensitive tooth find it quite difficult to quit drinking coffee. It works as an energy booster drink for them, but it also causes pain. Hot coffee irritates nerves in dentin. It also causes pain due to its acidic content. Therefore, people with sensitive tooth avoid taking a coffee until their enamel is recovering.

4.Sticky foods

Do you often experience pain after eating chocolate, chewing gum, and other sticky foods? It happens due to food particles irritating dentin. Avoid the consumption of such foods, especially chocolates. These foods cause tooth discoloration, sensitivity, and severe pain. Regular intake can turn your teeth yellowish and stained. You may experience more pain than before if you don’t avoid such foods.

5.Acidic fruits

You have to reduce the intake of fruits, such as lemons, pineapple, orange, grapefruit, etc. to avoid tooth pain. These are citric fruits and they release citric acid in your mouth when you consume them. As a result, you experience tooth sensitivity and pain.

Avoid chewing such fruits and consume the juice. Thus, you can swallow it quickly and avoid teeth sensitivity. Many people, who follow a healthy diet with sensitive teeth, try this method to consume citric fruits.

How to treat tooth sensitivity at home?

You can try several home remedies to treat tooth sensitivity. Salt-water and hone-water rinses offer great relief against pain. You can rub turmeric over-sensitive teeth to kill germs and speed up the enamel recovery process.

The market has flooded with other tooth sensitivity products. You are going to find many kinds of toothpaste and medications to treat this problem. You should try only a top-rated product to protect the enamel layer of your teeth. Try the Opalescence tooth sensitivity gel or toothpaste because it works the best.

Things you must-do if you got sensitive teeth

People first experience teeth sensitivity when the enamel starts wearing off. Severe pain occurs when the enamel layer is damaged. The dentin gets exposed and hot or cold air can also irritate the exposed nerves. The pain can get worse if you do not try a reliable treatment.

Suppose you don’t get any treatment and consume foods that cause tooth sensitivity, you may experience severe pain. You should go to the dentist for proper treatment. The best OTC products can also help in curing the tooth sensitivity issue.

Pick the best product and avoid sugary, citric, and hot or cold foods. That’s how you can speed up the enamel recovery process and avoid tooth sensitivity and pain.

Final thoughts

Yes, over-the-counter tooth sensitivity treatments work. Replace your old toothpaste with a tooth sensitivity curing toothpaste and use it daily. Thus, you can recover faster and eat whatever you like. Try to follow a healthy diet plan to stay fit and own shiny-white teeth.

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