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5 Keto Diet Myths that Need to be Debunked

5 Keto Diet Myths that Need to be Debunked

Keto Diet has gained immense popularity in recent years. Both fitness pros and enthusiasts are going gung-ho about this diet. However, despite its popularity in modern culture, several myths surround the keto diet plan.

This blog will debunk them and set the record straight, once and for all. Here we will discuss the common keto myths and half-truths that discourage many people from starting this diet.

There are tons of misconceptions surrounding the keto diet that many people consider as red flags. Let’s consider the most common keto myths and analyse them in detail to clear the air.

Myth One: Your Body Will Go Into Ketoacidosis

People often confuse ketosis with ketoacidosis when these two are completely different things. Let’s break down the concepts for proper understanding.

Ketosis is a natural process where our body uses fat as the primary fuel. It is not dangerous or harmful in any way. As a result of a keto diet, your body uses fat as a primary energy source instead of glucose.

The fat is broken down and converted into ketone which is not the same thing as ketoacidosis.

Diabetic ketoacidosis is a fatal health condition often affecting late-stage Type-2 and Type-1 diabetic patients when the body fails to use or produce insulin. In this health ailment, the level of ketones increases sharply along with blood sugar.

Myth Two: Keto Diet Only Helps in Weight Loss

Weight loss is a major factor of keto diet plans and a big motivation for many people who go on this diet. However, the benefits are not limited to just that. It not only helps weight loss but also assists us function properly.

Some additional benefits of the keto plan include enhanced focus, better sleep cycle, more energy, improved strength, clear skin, better mood, digestion, and reduced appetite. 

Apart from these benefits, researchers have also concluded that the keto diet might help lower cancer risk, autoimmune diseases, chronic ailments, and Alzheimer’s.

Myth Three: Keto Diet can Result in Nutritional Deficiencies

Our normal diets are seldom the role model of balanced nutrition. If followed properly, keto diet plans are one of the most nutritious.

A well-calculated and properly formulated keto plan will contain the right amount of proteins, minerals, vitamins, fruits, and vegetables. Therefore, any nutrient you miss from cutting out carbs from your food plan can be replenished through other sources while still following a keto diet.

Myth Four: You Can Keep Weight Off Even By Following the Keto Diet Infrequently

The sudden popularity of the keto diet has made it a part of the ever-changing trends in the health and fitness industry. However, people need to understand the basics of the keto diet plan before starting it. The reality is that inconsistency in following the keto diet will lead to weight gain.

If you follow the keto diet one day and give in to your craving for carbs the next, you will defeat the whole purpose of the diet. Consistency is the key to reaping the benefits of ketosis. Consult a nutritionist and dietician first to understand the basics of keto and then decide whether you can follow it religiously.

Myth Five: All Low-Carb Food Falls Under Keto

This is a half-truth, as only some low-carb food is added to the keto diet list. You can indeed lose a significant amount of weight following a ketogenic diet based on low-carb processed foods, but that only includes some things. 

The key is to avoid food items containing toxins like sugar, chemical additives, trans fats, starch, grain, and omega-6 seed oils, as these can result in chronic inflammation. Instead of consuming these food sources, you can focus on food items promoting healing. You can prevent chronic inflammation and lose weight by eating grass-fed meats, unrefined fats, wild-caught seafood, raw organic nuts, and non-starchy farm-fresh vegetables.

In Conclusion

The keto diet plan is worth it only if you follow it properly. It is always possible to get customised meal plans to help you stay on a diet, even if you are too busy to cook keto-friendly food. However, no matter what you do, try not to get wrapped up in these myths. Always consult a dietician before making changes to your keto plan.

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