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5 Key Shaving Secrets Every Man Should Know

5 Key Shaving Secrets Every Man Should Know

Did you know that over 5,000 billion razors are used every year? As many times as you shave, your hair will always grow back making it an essential part of the daily grooming routine.

As more men focus on personal care and their appearance, lots of shaving methods and styles are coming out. It can be difficult to sift through these shaving guides to find what works for you.

Well, if you want to up your shaving game, read on for our selection of shaving secrets! They’ll work for anyone with any facial hairstyle, and can take your grooming to the next level!

  1. Invest in the Proper Equipment

Hair grooming doesn’t stop at the face, you can employ body grooming to keep your physique looking well kept! And, when doing so, the best equipment can make a big difference.

Consider this product, the BODblade. The BODblade is a single shaver with some refill blades that allow you to shave your body hair wet or dry. This can expedite the process, and give you a much closer shave!

  1. Use Short Strokes

Most men think that they can shave their beards more quickly with long, large strokes. However, any professional barber will tell you that short, small strokes are best. This avoids cuts and makes a smooth, consistent, close shave.

A good rule of thumb is that you should not use strokes more than two inches. Rinse the blade between each stroke so that the hair doesn’t clog the blades.

  1. Be Careful With Sensitive Areas

You’ve probably heard that the neck is the most sensitive part of the shaving process. It should therefore be the last part that you shave. This allows the lather and heat to open the pores and soften the skin, preparing it for a close shave.

Furthermore, it is especially important to use small strokes here. Tilt your head back to stretch the skin out and use small delicate strokes to get the closest shave possible in this sensitive area.

Another sensitive area is the lips. The lips can bleed a lot if nicked, so be very careful when shaving the area. Try blowing your cheeks out, as if you’re blowing on something hot, as it will expand the skin for an easier cut.

  1. Soothe After Shaving

The best shaving tip is to take care of your skin after shaving, not just during the process.

After shaving, always soothe the skin even if you didn’t get any cuts. Using a bit of aloe vera gel can reduce the chance of rashes or infection after shaving. You can also opt for tea tree oil or witch hazel.

  1. Close the Pores

After shaving, your pores are very open. This leaves them vulnerable to dirt, causing acne. Close them up again with some cold water.

This is a key part of the post-shaving ritual, so never forget it!

Now You Know All the Best Shaving Secrets

Hopefully, this article will have given you a few shaving secrets that you can add to the shaving benefits you experience. Smooth skin and a close shave are possible with a bit of extra care and attention. Start upping your shave game today!

If you learned something from this article, you’re sure to love our other content. Check out our blog for more tips, tricks, and advice!

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