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5 Things to Help You Choose the Right Product Packaging Materials

5 Things to Help You Choose the Right Product Packaging Materials

Do you think your product packaging doesn’t matter much, and you can just throw something together and still sell? Think again.

Reports show that 70% of consumers believe product packaging influences buyer behavior. If you don’t have great packaging, you will lose customers.

Finding the right packaging materials is critical to offering a great consumer experience. Consider the five things below to learn how to find the best packaging products for your product.

  1. Material Cost

Many types of packaging materials can meet your needs, but they won’t all be at the same cost. Premium packaging material can cost a small fortune. If you don’t have a large budget, it doesn’t make sense to waste your money on expensive packaging.

Get as much pricing information as possible when looking at your packaging options. Once you do, find the packaging that offers the most value for the money and fits your product budget.

  1. Packaging Size

Size is an important consideration in packaging. You may have several sizes with your product. While it’s possible to buy a size that fits each variety, that isn’t always the best choice.

Some packaging sizes will be enough to fit several variations of your product. This is important because you’ll be able to buy more packaging SKUs in bulk, which will give you a bigger discount when ordering.

  1. Sustainability

Sustainability is very important for consumers these days. People regularly check how sustainable a brand is when buying. If you produce too much waste, it can cost your business customers.

If sustainability is a concern, look for packaging created with sustainability in mind. Learn more here about some of the eco-friendly packaging materials available to your business.

  1. Style

The way you present your product to customers plays a big role in getting your company noticed. If you’re sharing shelf space with many other products, how does your product stand out from the crowd?

An excellent packaging style can help you stand out on store shelves. Look at the different packaging styles available and see if they match any packaging trends. If you can catch the right trend early, it can give your product even more attention.

  1. Availability

Even if a packaging material appears like the perfect choice, other factors may impact your choice. For instance, will your packaging choice be available year-round to order?

Not every material is available at all times. If that’s a consideration, make sure your packaging choices are available whenever you need to order new supplies.

Otherwise, you’ll need to change your packaging at the last minute to keep up with your production requirements.

Don’t Pick the Wrong Packaging Materials for Your Product

The packaging materials you use say a lot to potential customers about your products. The wrong material can give a bad impression and turn off people from buying from your company. Keep the above factors in mind when looking through the types of packaging materials available to find the best one.

Check out the blog to find more tips that will help you launch your product.

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