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5 Things to Know About Ankle Surgery

The prevalence of ankle pain is about 12% in the general population. The pain is worse is in athletes and people who exhaust their foot muscles often.

Walking and climbing stairs are easy tasks till you start experiencing ankle pain. The ankle is an important region as it’s made up of two joints, and absorbs a lot of pressure every time you move.

Over time, the pressure can take a toll and cause wear and tear of cartilages. The wear can be so severe that you might need foot and ankle surgery.

Here are five things to know about ankle surgery recovery.

  1. Pain Relief

It’s best to mentally prepare for intense pain during ankle surgery recovery. However, the pain shouldn’t deter you from going through the surgery.

Besides, if you leave it unattended you might end up losing your whole foot. Worse still, it might affect other nerves in the body like in the face. In the case of intense facial twitches, you might have to consult trigeminal neuralgia surgeons.

The pain will subside after a few weeks, and you can walk comfortably again. Also, doctors will numb your feet to ease the pain during ankle surgery recovery.

  1. Itchy Feet

Experiencing itchiness on the affected area after ankle surgery is normal. Some antibiotics, pain killers or anesthesia causes itchiness on the skin.

However, when you notice a rash or reddish welts then it’s best to consult your doctor. Some meds may even cause swelling in your eyes or mouth.

This implies that you’re allergic to an active ingredient in the meds. Replace them as soon as possible to avoid worse complications.

  1. Bowel Issues

Another thing that most patients don’t expect is constipation. It’s a side effect of most anesthetics and narcotic meds. If you decide to buy over-the-counter softeners make sure they work well with the meds you’re taking.

If they don’t, the condition might worsen, and you end up losing bowel movements for about three days. Aside from laxatives, drinking the recommended amount of water will help reduce constipation.

Moreover, take fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber. It’s wise to see a doctor if you fail to have bowel movements for five days.

  1. Nausea Effects

During your ankle surgery recovery, you might experience nausea. It’s a side effect of the pain killers and antibiotics you are taking.

Taking plain foods like bananas and rice will reduce nausea. Besides, doctors recommend taking hot water with lemon. Take medication after meals to reduce their overpowering effects.

  1. Urinary Tract Interruptions

An important thing to know is that they will be interruptions in your urinary tract during the ankle surgery. During the foot and ankle surgery, a catheter is placed in your urethra.

However, this might lead to complications in your bladder. It’s wise to consult your doctor if you fail to urinate 24hrs after the surgery. Taking lots of fluid will help you in your recovery journey.

Ankle Surgery Recovery

Ankle surgery is a painful procedure but a necessary one. Otherwise, you might end up affecting other nerves in the body. The first few weeks will be hard, but it gets easier with time.

Take the prescription as instructed by the doctor. Also, eating fruits and taking a lot of fluids will reduce the ankle surgery recovery period. Check out this website for more informative health articles.

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