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5 Things to Know Before Moving to El Paso

Moving to El Paso is a huge decision: but it’s one that everyone should consider.  This charming and gorgeous city offers a taste of excellence for anyone who calls it home.  Before you move, it’s important you get to know the area!

These are the top five things you should know before moving to beautiful El Paso.

Dry Heat is Still Incredibly Hot

Many people who are from more humid areas consider moving to El Paso and don’t fear the heat because the air is drier.  They hope that this dry heat will make the heat less overwhelming and sweltering: but it’s still hot!  The difference in temperatures depending on if you’re in the shade or not can be a full 20 degrees.  

Dry heat may be easier to breathe in: but it’s still hot.

The Mix of Cultures Is Fantastic

As a border town, El Paso has a great mix of American and Mexican cultures.  You’ll find the best food in the country here, as well as fluidity in the languages spoken and the importance of family and heritage.  You’ll love getting to feel like you’re exploring a new culture while living in the same country!

One of the Last Affordable Cities

El Paso houses for sale are some of the most affordable in the nation.  This is fantastic for anyone who’s considering starting a family or is on a budget and wants to move somewhere that will give them the chance to save money and set aside for their future.  

The cost of living is overall cheaper, with food, entertainment, restaurants, and so much more being more affordable.  Although this also means the average income is lower, it’s worth it when you’re able to pay far less for your family’s housing and living needs.

Winters Are Still Cold in the Desert

If you’re moving to El Paso in the hopes that you’ll get a warm winter: you need to reconsider.  El Paso may be in the desert, but it still has cold winters.  There are many times in the chilly season that temperatures will drop below freezing, and for most of the winter, it sits at around 40 degrees.  

Summers are no cakewalk either, with temperatures easily breaking 100 multiple times throughout the warmer months.  Although the average high is 96 degrees in the summer: it stays hot for longer than you’d expect.

There’s Nothing Better Than Community

El Paso is still a city: but you’ll be amazed how tight-knit it is.  Living here gives you the chance to feel a community connection, where it seems like everyone knows everyone else.  The community here gives you the opportunity to connect with others who have similar interests as you, as well as to take up new hobbies.

Although it can be hard to get used to such a tight community if you’re used to cities where residents are more distant from each other, you’ll love getting to feel like you live in a city full of friends.

You’ll Fall in Love With El Paso in No Time.

This city is so wonderful that it has endless songs, books, and movies created about it.  If you’re interested in moving to an incredible city that will instantly feel like home the moment you arrive: it’s time to consider a move to El Paso.

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