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5 Ways That Will Help You Maintain Designer Skirts

The recent trends in fashion introduce skirts as the ultimate mania, making them very popular, high in demand, and everyone’s favourite. With a wide range of options and styles, it does not only offer you an elegant look but also makes you feel good, comfortable, and confident. However, its maintenance is the most crucial part. 

Listed below are some essential points to be noted to nurture any designer skirts: 

Cleaning is The Key– Perhaps one of the most important things to remember while caring for your skirt/s is that utmost care and attention must be paid while cleaning them on your own. You can start by checking the manufacturer’s tag or instruction labels on your skirt before putting it in the washing machine. Do also remember that the same cleaning approach cannot be used for all fabrics. Another important thing that can be the real make-or-break deal is drying and hanging. Always bear in mind that you must hang your skirts to dry after washing. Also, most pleated skirts should keep their pleats while maintaining their form.

Ironing Methods Matter- After cleaning and drying, you can then move on to the next most crucial step, which is ironing. Unlike other clothing items, each skirt has a very different fabric and style, among which some need ironing while some are good to go even without ironing. All skirts do not necessarily need to be ironed since improper ironing procedures can quickly damage the fabric. Skirts that require ironing must not be ironed with intense heat or pressure; you only use the most suitable heat setting possible to avoid ruining the fabric. Steam ironing could also help in such cases making the skirt appear spotless with zero damage. You must know the material of your skirt and then iron it accordingly. 

Storage is Important Too– Once done with the cleaning and ironing part, storage plays an essential role in maintaining skirts. Subsequently, it would be best if you ignored the urge to stuff your skirt into your closet after you are done with the first two steps. Instead, hang them to dry or place them somewhere where they can breathe. If the skirts have enough room to cool, they will be perfect for use even in the long run.

Opt for Professional Cleaning– Hinged on the material and the fabric of the skirt, cleaning needs to be given utmost care. Not all skirts can be washed at home; some require professional care. For such skirts, it is vital to be handled by a professional cleaner. While tackling stains on some skirts is critical, one must be very cautious while cleaning these fabrics. Consult a professional for more significant stains.

Pay Heed To Fabric Treatment Combination – All designer skirts have a distinct style and fabric that must be taken care of. For example, it is critical to get rid of any leather or suede skirts at the first sign of stains; you must also use extreme caution while cleaning these fabrics. If it has dirt on the surface, a brush will most likely solve the problem. On leather, a wet cloth or saddle soap can erase minor blemishes, but not on suede. When the suede is exposed to water, it becomes hardened and discoloured. So remember, no one glove fits all when it comes to maintaining skirts.

By considering the above factors, you can be sure to have an effortless time maintaining your precious skirts.

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