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6 Creative Ways Artists Can Make Money in the 21st Century

In a world where everything is changing rapidly, with innovations, technology, and creativity, the quest to be successful and financially stable in this ever-changing age keeps ringing in one’s mind. As an artist, you are not exempted from this trend. However, it doesn’t seem easy to make money from those outstanding skills of yours. Hence, the reason to try harder.

If your dream is to turn your favorite and passionate skills into a paid job, do you want to experience a frequent visit to the bank with a smiling face and be famous in this 21st century? Then this is for you!

Discover 6 creative ways artists can make money in this 21st century. 

1.   Selling Your Artworks

Every artist will love to display their work for sale. This is one sure way of earning as an artist. You can either sell your artwork online or offline. One thing you should keep in mind while selling is people. Without people, there would not be sales, which is why it’s expedient to build relationships, connect with people, and network for clients.

You can market your products online platforms are Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other suitable platforms you desire to sell. Then apart from online, you can display your artworks in your art gallery in a way that will attract prospects.  Artists can make their work into amazing wall arts and sell to reputable online gallery like  

2.   eBooks Creation

Knowledge is indeed power. Most of the creativity you apply to bring out the uniqueness in your work can be captured in an eBook and sold on any of the online market platforms like Amazon. Other artists or newbies can buy the book to build themselves as well. Share insights on the experience that that has been gotten through your art career. People need this knowledge, and they are willing to pay for it.

3.   Consulting and Coaching

You can help other aspiring artists’ dreams come through with your experience of creating outstanding artworks. As an artist, you can enlighten and consult people online on various freelancing platforms. Also, you can coach people based on your experience and get paid for it.

4.   Blogging

Owning a blog is one of the ways you can make money as an artist. You can write useful things regarding artworks, trending patterns, and designs. And success tips on how to come up with breathtaking artwork. People will always look forward to viewing your posts each time there’s an update. And this can earn you cool cash. This is the best marketing strategy, especially when it gets lots of traffic. It would be best if you put effort into ads, affiliate links, or sponsors.

5.   Leasing Your Artwork

You also make money when you lease your artworks. It is more like renting any other kind of goods or service. Whether through an art leasing company or arranged by you, the artist—you rent out your art for a set period to a paying party.

6.   Organize Art Lectures

Organizing classes, whether online or face-to-face, also have proven records of helping artists earn money. It only takes a teaching artist to do so take art lectures. He should be able to impart knowledge and also apply different teaching skills. Online ways of teaching could be on WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Final Thoughts 

There is no limit to how much money you can make as an artist in the 21st century. All you need to do is identify he opportunities in your space and explore them.

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