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6 Steps to Become an American Citizen

There are many application steps to become an American citizen and need to be completed with 100% accuracy. One mistake can send you back to step one, often with temporary holds preventing you from completing the process. The goal is to succeed the first time; this is possible with professional guidance. Here are six steps to becoming an American citizen.

1. Submit Official Intent

Before you can even begin the application process, you need to send in your Declaration of Intent, which explains your quest to obtain U.S. citizenship. Your official intent will be reviewed by the U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Service. If you have not already lived in the U.S. for a minimum of five years, beginning the application process must wait until this time has passed.

During that time, you need to have shown good character and have followed all U.S. laws. To stay uplifted during this waiting time, get professional assistance from ajuste de estatus to help you complete and file for your citizenship application accurately.

2. Prepare For Citizenship Test

A significant aspect of successfully applying for citizenship is how well you score on your citizenship test. This official exam is a breakdown of the essential information you must know about the U.S. government and U.S. history. Prepare for this exam as best as possible to showcase that you are well-versed in American history.

3. Apply For Green Card

Applying for your green card is done through the process of naturalization. A relative living in the U.S. who is already a citizen can submit a petition for you to receive your green card. If you do not know a relative who can do so, you may do so yourself if you are an asylee or refuge. Otherwise, it will take a permanent job offer from an employer who is a citizen of the U.S. to send in a petition for your green card.

Once you have received your green card, schedule your citizenship review. Keep in mind that there are other ways to legally obtain residence in the U.S. for a temporary amount of time. Look into the most applicable methods to you so you can complete the five-year requirement first. Some Other techniques for obtaining temporary residence require major financial decision-making.

4. Prepare For Citizenship Review

To pass your citizenship review, you’ll complete a series of questions by an officer whose objective is to assess your qualifications for citizenship. Have all the necessary identification paperwork with you. You will be asked to demonstrate your proficiency in speaking English. As discussed earlier, if you pass the review, you can prepare to take your citizenship test.

5. Schedule Citizenship Ceremony

Once you pass the Citizenship Test, you can schedule your naturalization ceremony, whereby you will receive your Certificate of Naturalization and trade in your green card. At this point, you will be recognized as a U.S. citizen following your Oath of Allegiance to America. Ensure you have obeyed all the medical guidelines for COVID-19 and gotten immunization shots.

6. Be Very Patient

The different steps involved can take many months to complete. Security clearances and reviews by authority figures take special care into application review, meaning that you could be waiting for months to hear back. Stay patient with the process, as this is the only way to get closer to U.S. citizenship.

Prepare And Wait

Becoming a U.S. citizen is possible if you’re willing to prepare and wait out the review periods. Becoming an American citizen may happen sooner than later with the proper steps in place and the right professional guidance.

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