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8 Useful Tips To Keep Your Lungs Healthy

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Regular detoxification of the lungs today is of fundamental importance for human health, as there are many factors that negatively affect their functioning. Among them, one can single out insufficient physical activity, tobacco smoke, as well as a general unfavorable environmental situation.

We cannot influence some factors in any way, since they are an integral part of modern society. But we can still try to protect our health. Check out the following tips to keep your lungs healthy!

Useful Tips For Healthy Lungs

In order to keep your lungs free of toxins, it is important to avoid being in a polluted environment, eat right, ensure that the body receives all the necessary elements, and, of course, stop smoking. Here are some more tips that will help you:

Stay Away From Toxic Gases

Avoiding exposure to polluted air and toxic gases while in the city is almost impossible. Therefore, we recommend that you get out into nature as often as possible in your free time from work. You can even take a walk outside in order to breathe fresh air. Rid your home of items that may emit VOC’s. You can read more about the effects of VOCs on human health with this insightful study.

Leave the city, sign up for excursions, come to campsites or rent holiday houses in the countryside. Do your best to spend as much time in nature as possible. Perhaps this is the most effective way to detoxify the lungs – clean air!

Get Rid of Alcoholism

One of the most common causes of lungs problems is alcohol abuse. Heavy drinking causes serious lungs complications and diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Thus, to keep your lungs fully functional, you need to give up alcohol addiction.  According to researchers, veterans are more likely to suffer from COPD than general civilians.

This happens because they are exposed to hazardous conditions and due to their poor habits. So if you are a veteran and you or your family members are suffering from similar problems, do not worry Veterans Affairs insurance (VA) will cover your addiction treatment. VA offers rehab benefits for veterans and their dependents, making it easier for them to fight addiction and restore their overall well-being.

Do Not Smoke

Do not forget that tobacco smoke harms not only your health but also the health of all those around you. After all, they, too, are forced to inhale it. If you yourself are a smoker, then try to get rid of this bad habit as soon as possible.

Also, you’d better avoid public places where smoking is allowed. So you can protect yourself as much as possible from the negative effects of tobacco smoke. And your lungs will definitely thank you for it!

Purify The Air At Home

Yes, even in your home, harmful particles accumulate in the air. To keep your lungs healthy, use special air purifiers with multiple filters. Also, ventilate the rooms more often. Do not forget also about the regular cleaning of carpets and curtains, as a lot of dust accumulates in them too. It will not only keep your lungs healthy but would also improve your overall health.

Eat A Healthy And Balanced Diet

Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. After all, these are sources of nutrients indispensable for the correct functioning of the body. Eat more foods that contain vitamin C. These are citrus fruit juices for breakfast, for example. So you cannot only cleanse your lungs of toxins but also strengthen the immune system. Your body also needs potassium. To do this, eat dates, bananas, plums, and strawberries more often.

Drink More Liquid

It is advisable to consume at least 2 liters of fluid per day. It can be both ordinary drinking water and herbal infusions and teas. Water is the best natural cleansing agent, and herbal infusions help the body get rid of toxins faster. Thus, to ease the functioning of the lungs and keep them healthy, drink more liquid. And here we are only talking about plain water.

Steam Baths

If you regularly carry out such procedures with steam, you will help your lungs get rid of harmful substances faster. Just boil the water and breathe over the steam for about 20 minutes. However, you need to be careful so you do not burn yourself. If you want to make it even more effective, you can cover your head with a towel. In this way, the steam will get concentrated and you will be able to breathe in more easily.

Natural Lung Detox Remedies

For optimal results, complement the above habits with the following natural remedies.  All of them are ideal for combating respiratory diseases. But, of course, this does not cancel a trip to the doctor if you feel that the disease is progressing.

Horse Chestnut Extract

This is an ideal remedy for the treatment and prevention of asthma, bronchitis, and just cough. It is very easy to prepare, just like any other infusion. Just pour some water into a pan and let it boil. Then add 1 tablespoon of horse chestnut (15 g) and let it boil for five minutes. Strain and drink the resulting infusion once a day.

Licorice Root Tea

Licorice root is another staunch ally in the fight for lung health. It effectively clears the airways. Only with its consumption, you should be careful, especially for those who suffer from hypertension. For its preparation, pour water into a ladle, and then put 1 licorice root there. Bring to a boil and then wait another 5 minutes. Then strain and take 1 glass of this infusion per day.


Eucalyptus is a plant widely known for its beneficial properties. It is especially effective for detoxifying the lungs and fighting various respiratory tract infections. One of the options for its use is steam baths. Simply add a handful of eucalyptus leaves to boiling water and inhale the steam. Try to breathe as deeply as possible while doing this. This procedure will help relieve airway obstruction, soothe coughs, and relieve nasal congestion.

We mentioned some effective tips in this article to help you keep your lungs healthy. So make them a part of your routine for more effective results.

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