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A Concise Guide to Looking & Feeling Good as a Silver Fox

These days, there are likely as many beauty treatments and skin care products available for men as for women, and taking care of your body, skin, and emotional health are all much more readily and openly discussed.

So, with this in mind, here is a concise guide to looking and feeling good as a silver fox and older man. 

Practice a Regular Sleeping Cycle

Sleep, even though it can often feel as if you would much rather carry on a project or activity you enjoy into the early hours of the morning, is vital to your physical and mental wellbeing.

As an older person, your sleep cycle becomes even more important in terms of the duration of deep sleep and the quality of your sleep overall. Luckily, there are numerous simple ways to help improve your sleeping patterns:

  • Stopping using electronic devices in bed 
  • Not drinking caffeine, tea, or fizzy drinks after nine at night
  • Avoiding eating large amounts of food just before bed
  • Keep the bedroom a relaxing and clutter-free place to recharge
  • Taking a hot bubble bath before bed

Revamp Your Closet 

Nobody can possibly manage to look and feel their best when dressed in worn, faded, and baggy jogging bottoms and a jumper with last night’s dinner splattered across the front, and spending the day going through your closet to remove such offending items will be of huge help. 

If you are someone who has never been particularly interested in fashion and the latest trends in clothing and accessories, then it is time to get involved with experimenting with color, texture, and fabric.

Furthermore, consider the shades and tones of the colors you choose to wear, as deciding on an all-black outfit will only make you feel as if you fade into the background, which is the antithesis of what you need. 

Make Aesthetic Changes

As well as revamping your closet, you may also have been feeling as if you would like to make more of an aesthetic change to your appearance and have been thinking about facial cosmetic surgery.

For example, perhaps you have always been a little self-conscious about your nose and wondered about surgical rhinoplasty in Denver Colorado? Instead, maybe you have been thinking about whitening your teeth and could use an appointment with your dentist to discuss your options, or even considering a hair transplant. 

Keep Hair Under Control

One undeniable fact for older men is that hair, if it is not smooth and silky and under control, tends to start cropping up in the most inconvenient of places and growing to be thicker and far less manageable.

Make sure you invest in a quality brand nose and hair trimmer, visit your barber regularly, and unless you are overtly fond of it, even bite the bullet and book yourself in for a session of back waxing. If waxing is far too alarming, you could instead purchase depilatory cream and a good set of razors. 

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