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Alertness for Assistance: 5 Signs of Addiction to Look Out For

Alertness for Assistance: 5 Signs of Addiction to Look Out For

Over 20 million Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Your loved ones might be one of them.

If you’re wondering: “Does my loved one have an addiction?” it may already be too late.

You need to look for these signs of addiction early to help get them the help they need. The signs of alcoholism aren’t as easy to identify as you may think. Neither are the signs of drug addiction.

Use this guide to find out five signs of addiction that you can look for. That way, you can keep your loved ones alive and addiction-free.

Being an addict is not an easy thing to come to terms with. Whenever you mix addiction with mental health issues for example, you start developing more advanced forms of addiction. Some alcoholics, for example, begin to experiment with other substances. Some even end up mixing pills with alcohol. This ultimately becomes a dangerous game of chicken with death.

  1. They Begin to Avoid You

Withdrawing from family members and close friends is often a sign of addiction. If your loved one used to love spending time with you, but now they actively avoid you, it may be a sign of addiction.

  1. Noticeable Changes in Behavior or Friends

Everybody goes through changes in life and people gain and lose friends all the time. That said, if you notice some major changes in your loved one’s group of friends or behaviors, it could be a sign of addiction.

Misery loves company and addiction is no different. Talk to your loved one to find out what their new interests are and what they like doing with their friends. If the answer is a vague “hanging out”, there’s a chance that they may be doing drugs.

  1. Physical Signs of Addiction

If your loved one comes home every night reeking of alcohol, they might be an alcoholic. Many alcoholism signs are physical and include things such as slurring words, jaundice, and shaking.

If you notice a loved one going through physical withdrawal from a substance, this is a tell-tale sign of addiction.

  1. You Find Paraphernalia

To smoke crack you need a crack pipe. When you drink alcohol, you leave behind bottles and cans. If you find a stash of paraphernalia in your loved one’s personal area, they most likely have an addiction problem.

Don’t believe that they are “holding it for someone else”. Have an honest conversation with them about any drug or alcohol paraphernalia you find and take appropriate steps.

One of these may be submitting them to a rehabilitation center. Hope Rising is one of the most reliable ones around and could be great for curing your loved one’s addiction.

  1. You Catch Them Stealing

Addicts will do almost anything to finance their habits. If you catch your loved one stealing from yourself or others, it may be their last resort to financing a drug addiction.

Talk to them openly about why they stole from you and make them realize that you are on their side.

It can be tough to catch a loved one stealing and confront them about it, but it is even tougher to attend their funeral and know you could have prevented it.

Fight Addiction and Save Lives

Addiction is a scourge on humanity that takes countless lives every year. If you notice these five signs of addiction in your loved one, then you need to act now before it is too late.

Don’t wait for their addiction to become too obvious to ignore, nip it in the bud early to give them the best shot at recovery. When you are ready, contact a reputable rehabilitation center and give your loved one a second chance.

In the meantime, keep checking our blog for the latest health updates you need.

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