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Ancient Greece Themed Slots 

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The slot theme is one of the most important aspects of the slot, it informs the entire look and design of a slot and in some cases it can actually influence the gameplay mechanics that developers include. Some themes seem to be more popular than others, things such as Irish luck and outer space seem to be commonly used and appreciated by slot players. However one theme that is undoubtedly popular is Ancient Greece.

For some players this is a mystery, Ancient Greece doesn’t have anything to do with gambling or luck like Irish themes do and it doesn’t capture the imagination of players like outer space themes do. Despite this, Ancient Greek UK slot games remain some of the most popular slot themes out there. 

Why Ancient Greece is a Popular Theme 

Ancient Greece and Greek mythology might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about slot games, however their popularity as a theme actually makes a lot of sense on closer inspection. Ancient Greece was a time of great wonder, with many contemplating the existence of awe inspiring Gods such as Zeus and Thor. Ancient Greek mythology is actually still commonly used today, especially in the media. There have been countless movies, television shows and books made which have explored Ancient Greek mythology in one way or another. Even the popular Avengers films have been somewhat influenced by Greek mythology thanks to the characters of Thor and Loki. Like it or not but Ancient Greek mythology is still very much a part of modern lexicon. 

Fortunes of Sparta 

With a suitably epic soundtrack and amazing visuals that will put you in the shoes of a mighty Spartan warrior, Fortunes of Sparta is one of the best examples of an Ancient Greek slot currently on the market. Based on the legendary tale of the 300 Spartans, this slot features helmets, shields, armour and swords as symbols on the reels. It was developed by Blueprint gaming and features bonuses such as wilds, scatters and even free spins. Players will also be happy to know that the RTP of the slot is higher than average, being 97.4&! Overall, with it’s mighty soundtrack and visuals coupled with amazing gameplay, Fortunes of Sparta is a must play and perhaps the best Ancient Greek slot on the market.


Medusa and it’s sequel, Medusa 2, are slots which perfectly capture what is great about Ancient Greek themed slots. Players can expect to see stylish visuals mixed with fun gameplay and genuinely interesting characters. Visually, the games do a wonderful job of capturing Ancient Greece, they manage to make the slots feel authentic whilst also being fun to look at and play. The second Medusa in particular has some very pretty visuals. The reels are also incredibly fun to spin, look out for features such as free spins and wilds. 


Ancient Greece is an incredibly popular theme, through its mythology it manages to capture players’ imaginations and take them back in time to a place which is very different from our world today. It can also be used in different ways, with some using the theme to explore Greek Gods whilst others use it to revisit historical Greek Events. 

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