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athenahealth Mobile App: Practice EHR On-The-Go

athenahealth Mobile App: Practice EHR On-The-Go

In most industries, people can accomplish their tasks efficiently on a mobile device as they can on a laptop. Shouldn’t you, as a physician, be able to do the same? athenaOne provides clinicians with the information they need, wherever they are, at any time using a simple, easy-to-use athena mobile app for android & iOS devices.

You can access your entire EHR from anywhere on your smartphone with the athenahealth Mobile App. With this mobile app, you can practice medicine on the go and have all the information you need at your fingertips. A user-friendly interface and an intuitive design make it easy for providers to start using the app right away.

Do you need athenahealth Mobile App?

According to recent studies, physicians spend more than 49% of their workday on desk work. The modern practice of medicine often involves spending time at a desk rather than with patients. With almost half of their day spent on their desk, things are bound to get difficult to manage. With athenahealth mobile app, you can be free to do meaningful work when the time is right, wherever they are.

Benefits of athenahealth Mobile App

In addition to a simplistic design, the athenaOne mobile app enables you to:

  • Access real-time data that is seamlessly integrated with athenaClinicals
  • Check out your schedule, see the patients you have prepared for, and check out your inbox
  • Prepare and review patient charts
  • Answer patient cases, create orders, and view test results in the patient’s account
  • Save time and money with simplified workflows

The right technology should help physicians and medical staff, not create more problems. AthenaOne offers physicians the tools they need to manage their clinic more effectively ad efficiently. athena mobile app also includes:

  • Customizable and intuitive templates allow you to speed up documentation by recording your frequent patient behaviors.
  • Reimagining the way you practice medicine will be much simpler with an inbox that offers scheduling, images, and preparation of patient charts.
  • athenaClinicals allows you to access all of your customized macros, templates, and order sets

athenaOne Mobile App Features

With athenaOne, you can manage patient care over your iPad or iPhone and send prescriptions and handle patient cases. Some of the top features of the athenahealth mobile app are:

  • Interactive homepage. You can use touch or face ID to log in to the app and see what’s going on in your day at a glance. You can see and manage your inbox and your schedule, see who you have prepared for, and review and prepare for your appointments.
  • Prepare and review patient charts. Get up to speed quickly with customizable patient summaries and learn about a patient’s entire history in a matter of minutes. You can see everything that has happened since their last visit with full charts.
  • Customizable workflows. You can access all of your current online practice by accessing the macros, templates, and order sets you’ve already created in athenaClinicals. Besides learning your working habits, the app can also assist you with documentation by offering intelligent suggestions.
  • Manage urgent tasks on priority. Get access to critical work any time, anywhere via the clinical inbox. AthenaClinicals lets you create orders, view test results, respond to cases, and more — all at lightning speed and securely.
  • Complements athenaClinicals. All data updates in real-time via seamless integration with athenaClinicals.
  • Epocrates. The Epocrates platform enables more than one million healthcare professionals to instantly access the most accurate guidance, diagnostics, and treatments.

How Can athenahealth Mobile App Help You?

athenahealth app for iPhone and Android is a fully functional EHR solution that helps you practice medicine from anywhere in the world. This is especially helpful due to the current COVID-19 pandemic because most patients want a remote experience. To be able to provide an engaging remote patient experience to your patients, the athenaOne mobile app is an excellent choice.

A secure, mobile addition to athenaNet’s clinical workflows, the athenaOne app enables doctors and healthcare providers to conduct more effective and efficient care. To get started with the athenaOne mobile app, all you need is your athenaNet credentials.

athenahealth also offers individual modules for all devices. For instance, with the athenahealth iPhone app, you can use all of the EHR features from your iPhone.

Conclusion – Is athenahealth Mobile App right for you?

athenahealth is one of the leading healthcare IT solution providers and focuses on new and innovative solutions to simplify physician’s needs. One of the most interesting things about athenahealth is that their solution is completely customizable for any practice, be it small or large. They also offer a complete set of healthcare solutions, so you don’t have to worry about integrating multiple solutions.

In this blogs, we’ve talked about athenahealth mobile app for iPhone and Android and its numerous benefits and features. In addition to enabling you to practice medicine on the go, athenaOne mobile app is a fully functioning EHR solution for your practice. It offers all the features and services you need from a typical EHR without most of the hassle.

To sum it up, athenahealth mobile app is one of the handiest tools you can have by your side while running a full-time practice.

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