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Best Family Dentists Office in Surrey BC Vivant Dental – How to Choose

The general health and well-being of your family is something you shouldn’t joke with. This also involves your family’s oral health. While some families tend to neglect this aspect of their health, the fact that you are currently reading this means that you consider oral health to be important.

One of the benefits of taking care of your family’s oral health is that you are protected from illnesses and infections. You can visit Vivant Dental Surrey to learn more about the illnesses and infections you are protected from when you pay attention to your oral health.

While dental hygiene is good, it can only be as good as the dentist who is caring for you. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you choose a professional that is trustworthy and reliable. Such a dentist will be able to care for your family and help anyone with dental anxiety to overcome it. This is very essential since kids are involved (who is to say that adults don’t also get dental anxiety).

Having a dentist for your household will ensure that such a professional can keep track of the dental history of each member and also apply the right care and preventive measures to prevent issues in the future.

Therefore, if your family is searching for a dentist in Surrey, British Columbia, or anywhere in the world, here are certain factors you must consider before you hire one.

1. Qualifications & Experience

You shouldn’t just commit your family to the hands of the first dentist that you come across. Instead, you need to invest time to research a potential professional you are planning to hire.

You need to ensure that they possess the certifications that are necessary for them to practice. Hence, you should confirm if they possess the required certifications and qualifications. You should also verify the quality of dental care they offer.

Apart from qualifications and certifications, experience is also important. Since you are going to place your family’s oral health in the hands of this professional, you must be sure that they know what they are doing.

One way to confirm this is to check their track record. How long have they been practicing and what kind of testimonies have they received from previous patients? You can find the testimonials of previous patients on the website of the dentist’s office. Alternatively, you can speak to the office staff.

You should also find out what the specialty of the professional is. Visit to learn more about dental specialties in British Columbia. Certain dentists focus on cosmetic services only. You shouldn’t go for such, rather choose those that offer wide-ranging dental care.

2. Services Offered

As we mentioned above, some dentists are specialists in certain areas and tend not to focus on other areas. Therefore, as good as specialists are, they won’t be the best option in this case since your family’s oral health will require a wide range of dental care.

Hence, the dentist you choose should be able to offer all the services that can be provided as far as dental care is concerned. Do as much as you can to ensure that you get all your household dental requirements in one office rather than using different dentist offices.

Some of the services you should be on the lookout for include periodontal care, teeth cleaning and whitening, tooth extraction, root canal treatment, cosmetic and preventive care. Click here to learn more about periodontal treatments and procedures. When you have a professional that provides all these services, you get to save money and avoid the stress involved in shuffling between dentists.

3. Location & Accessibility

Remember that you are looking for a dentist’s office for your family and not just for yourself. Hence, you need to consider how convenient it will be for every member of the family to go to the office on appointment days.

Hence, you should search for a dentist’s office that is close to your home. This will come in handy during emergencies; let’s say someone’s tooth got chipped or knocked out. When the doctor is nearby, you can get the required care as soon as possible.

The dentist’s office must also be accessible. What we mean by this is that movement within the office should be easy. It should have comfortable waiting rooms and elevators if there is more than one floor.

While the location is necessary, you shouldn’t just pick any random office close to you for the sake of being nearby. First of all, ensure that they offer quality services; if they don’t, it is better to go the distance. Better services beat location comfort.

4. The Office Environment and Culture

The atmosphere and environment of the office should be accommodating and comfortable for everyone in your household. For families with young kids, the office should have features that calm and keep these kids busy while they wait such as a playroom.

As a result of this, you should go to the dental clinic before you hire the dentist. You can then assess the environment and the manner patients are welcomed and cared for by the staff. You should also assess the hygiene compliance of the clinic. Check the waiting rooms as well as the furniture to determine if it will be convenient for everyone in your household.

When you do the above, you should be able to determine if the clinic is suitable for your family. If it is not, check the next clinic.

5. Affordable Costs

While you shouldn’t downplay quality, you should also consider your budget. The fee of services offered by doctors varies due to several factors. However, you should ensure that you hire a dentist who offers quality service at affordable costs.

You don’t need to spend beyond your budget to get the best quality dental care. To give you an idea of what the average cost is, we recommend that you check several dentists to find out how much they charge.

Also, you should ask if the doctor accepts insurance. Taking care of your family’s oral health can be somewhat expensive, but a dentist that accepts insurance will reduce the burden on your shoulders. Visit to learn more about dental coverage in British Columbia.


The oral health of your family is something you shouldn’t joke with. Therefore, choosing a family dentist is an important decision you should make. In the article above, we have discussed some factors that will make the decision-making process easier for you.

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