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Best Megaways slots remakes

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Megaways no deposit slots games have arguably taken over online casinos, there is not a site that players will visit that does not have at least one title. One thing that players may have noticed about Megaways recently has to be the amount of remakes that are being developed under the brand name.

Slot remake

Players will find themselves coming across more slot remakes than previous years, they are becoming an increasingly popular choice for developers to make. A slot remake is essentially a classic slot game that has been updated by developers, it will usually have updated graphics, more bonus features and even updated game mechanics. For developers it is convenient as they do not have to start all over again, while for players it is also advantageous as they will be able to replay classic titles from a whole new perspective. Slot remakes have only come into prominence in recent years, with more and more classic titles being remade to include the ever popular Megways game engine. Although these titles are called slot remakes, the truth is that thanks to the unique Megways game engine these titles offer completely unique experiences.

Megaways slot games

Megaways are an incredibly popular series of slot titles, they have become incredibly well known in the industry today despite being a relatively new game mechanic. The Megaways slot game first came to prominence through the Bonanza Megaways game, it soon took over the slot gaming world and it hasn’t left since.

  •     The Megaways game mechanic will basically allow each reel that the game has, usually up to seven, to house different amounts of symbols on each spin. The amount will vary with every spin, hence why there are so many different winning combinations for players.
  •     Typically, a Megaways game will offer players over 100,000 different ways to win although there are some which offer an even bigger amount.
  •     Megaways games started out as original titles, however their popularity soon skyrocketed and they took over the industry. As a result of this, the Megaways series soon began adapting classic games, remaking them inessence. These remakes are not exact duplicates of the originals though as they include the exciting Megaways game mechanic.

Best Megaways remakes

The following are some of the best Megaways remakes that players can find in a slot site.

  1. The Dog House Megaways – This slot takes Pragmatic Plays classic game and somehow improves on it further, adding more bonuses and increasing the win potential. Featuring updated graphics and bonuses such as multipliers and wilds as well as an additional bonus round, this is not a slot to be missed.
  2. Gonzo’s Quest Megaways – The original NetEnt slot may be a classic game but that has not stopped Red Tiger Gaming from using the Megaways game engine to try and improve on it. Featuring amazing new graphics and updated bonuses such as wilds and multipliers, this updated remake certainly lives up to the legacy of the original.


Although not every player will prefer these remakes, they bring enough to the table to satisfy most.

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