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BitKeep Unveils Plan to Rebrand as Bitget Wallet and Enhance Security in 2023 Roadmap

BitKeep Unveils Plan to Rebrand as Bitget Wallet and Enhance Security in 2023 Roadmap

BitKeep, one of the world’s leading non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets, has revealed its 2023 roadmap following a successful $30 million fundraising round from Bitget, a top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform. The roadmap outlines the company’s plans to revamp its brand, restructure the management team, and strengthen the overall security system.

In Mar, Bitget announced its $30 million investment in BitKeep, which increased its shareholding and made it the controlling stakeholder. This investment not only extends the exchange’s range of services but also supports BitKeep in global expansion and security upgrades.

As per the 2023 roadmap, BitKeep has already started a rebranding process with the aim of creating a more uniform visual presence as part of the Bitget ecosystem. The DeFi wallet will now be known as Bitget Wallet, and the updated logo, app, and website will undergo stylistic alterations in the coming weeks.

Bitget Wallet is a comprehensive platform that provides users with access to the Web3 ecosystem. It serves as a secure digital asset wallet where users can store their cryptocurrencies and funds. However, Bitget Wallet is more than just a wallet. It also offers an integrated swap function, allowing users to perform swaps on their preferred mainnets. Apart from that, Bitget Wallet’s DApp Browser allows users to access different decentralized applications available within the Web3 ecosystem. Additionally, Bitget Wallet has an NFT marketplace that enables users to browse, list, and purchase NFTs.

In essence, Bitget Wallet offers users an exclusive access pass to explore the vast possibilities of the Web3 ecosystem. Bitget Wallet aims to provide a seamless user experience for users while navigating the Web3 space. The platform brings together all the necessary tools and services under one roof, making it easier for users to interact with various DeFi ecosystems.

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