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Can You Be Addicted to Marijuana?

Weed Marijuana does a Plant Produce on average time Cost

If you are wondering whether smoking marijuana can be addictive or not, the straightforward answer is yes, it can.

Smoking marijuana can be addictive because this natural drug has THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which gives you feelings of pleasure that you want to have again and again.

THC is the active chemical found in marijuana products. This chemical produces pleasing effects in your brain, affecting your reward system.

People either ingest the chemical through food with THC oil or smoke marijuana and have its effects.

THC can relax your feeling and, at the same time give you experiences of euphoria. It can calm you down if you’re anxious and lighten you up if you’re depressed.

This is why people use it.

In fact, doctors can use THC in medicine for treating several diseases that affect brain function.

But in smoking, THC’s effects can quickly dissipate, which is why you become encouraged to take more of the chemical. The more you have it, the more you like it until you can’t do without it – addiction.

One problem with smoking marijuana today is that a user can choose to use products containing dangerously high THC levels. Marijuana planting enthusiasts are able to produce strains that have high levels of the active ingredient.

Some strains can have significantly more active ingredients than what you can intake from traditional marijuana products.

The more you use products and the longer you have a habit involving high doses of THC, the worse the side effects are going to be. 

When you overuse THC, you are susceptible to addiction, decreased control of impulse and mood disorders. Also, THC abuse can negatively impact your prefrontal cortex, damaging your judgment, decision-making, attention, and planning abilities. 

THC from marijuana smoking can be severely harmful to your brain when abused.

THC can also be severely dangerous to your brain and memory when you have too much of it too frequently. You can even be at risk of psychosis after long term abuse of the drug.

Marijuana can also risk you unwanted physical harm. The drug is second to alcohol when it comes to being a reason for fatal vehicular accidents.

THC can significantly impair your judgment and motor skills. So if you are smoking cannabis or marijuana, especially excessively and frequently, you may increase the risk of an accident.

And it can be an easy trap to addiction.

Marijuana is one of the easiest to abuse substances because, nowadays, many countries, states, or territories have legalised it for recreational news. It is safe to say that the world has become looser in terms of regulating this drug.

Plus, the modern outlook towards marijuana is positive. In popular media, marijuana is mostly portrayed as an enjoyable drug that makes people laugh, have fun, and enjoy calm and happy feelings. 

Musicians use it, actors use it, etc. And so many people are more attracted to it and follow suit.

The danger in this positive outlook is that people can mistaken marijuana for a totally harmless drug. But that is far from the truth.

Frequent, addictive marijuana use can result in the following:

  • Sustained lethargy or laziness
  • Short-term memory loss or forgetfulness
  • Inability to create new memories
  • Dull thinking or seeming slow to think
  • Risky behaviour due to general clumsiness
  • Risky behaviour due to overuse, becoming prone to accidents
  • Lax behaviour that can lead to other drug use
  • Inability to manage responsibilities
  • Inability to manage relationships
  • Loss of finance due to uncontrolled buying of products

Additionally, smoking exposes your body, especially your lungs and respiratory system carcinogenic burnt substances. 

Getting addicted to smoking marijuana can give you all the adverse effects of THC abuse, including damaged brain function. Plus, you are at risk of adverse effects that are similar to smoking cigarettes.

So don’t help yourself gain a high tolerance to THC. And it would be best if you keep yourself from becoming addicted or using marijuana at all.

And if you or anyone you know is already having uncontrolled THC use, you will have to stop. But remember that you will have to deal with withdrawal symptoms.

THC Withdrawal Symptoms

  • THC cravings
  • Stomach problems
  • Exacerbated depression
  • Mood changes
  • Diminished appetite
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of focus
  • Cold sweats chills
  • Sweating

Marijuana withdrawal can be severely uncomfortable and painful when unmanaged, especially for people who have been using the chemical for a long time.

So, the best way for you to relieve yourself of marijuana addiction is to get professional help.

When you enrol in a professional detoxification centre, you will have 24/7 medical monitoring, a complete and adequate cessation program, access to medication for withdrawal syndrome management, and more benefits.

Visit for more information on how you can detox from marijuana smoking or other addiction-related problems.

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