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Debunking myths about premature ejaculation

More often than not, many people think that premature ejaculation is primarily due to a man’s lack of experience in the area of sex. You may have watched one or two movies with innocent characters depicting such a scene—let us straighten this distorted fact: there are actually several reasons why someone ejaculates prematurely during sex. This article debunks other premature ejaculation myths, so read on.

Myth 1: Premature ejaculation affects men who do not have any experience with sex.

So it is your first time having sex, what’s the deal? As we have previously mentioned, not having any experience with sexual intercourse at all does not mean your performance in bed will not last throughout the show. Premature ejaculation also affects men who have more experience with sex. That said, premature ejaculation is never like a rite of passage for virgins or only a phase that men will overcome, but rather it is a medical condition that affects the body for a long period of time when not treated. 

By definition, premature ejaculation is a medical condition that occurs when a man fails to control his ejaculation regularly over the course of six months.

Myth 2: Controlling your orgasm is nearly impossible.

This is absolutely false. Being able to control your ejaculation is akin to being able to control your bladder and prevent yourself from wetting your pants. Like toilet training, there are various ways to learn about how to control your ejaculation. Here are some exercises you can look into to help delay your ejaculations:

  • Kegel exercises – A strong pelvic floor muscle is important not only for controlling your urge to urinate, but it also improves your ability to control ejaculation.
  • Stop-start method – This method will need the help of your partner during sex. This technique is done by stimulating the penis to the point when it is about to ejaculate, but stopping the stimulation right when you are about to reach a climax. This exercise should be repeated at least twice or thrice and then on the fourth try, allow yourself to release. 

Myth 3: Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are two separate medical conditions that are not linked to each other.

While premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are indeed two medical conditions, they actually have a strong link to each other. Studies show that both conditions can overlap and influence the occurrence of these particular conditions in men. One study in particular found that somewhere around 30 to 60% of individuals who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction are also suffering from premature ejaculation. 

Aside from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation may be a factor that contributes to develop other conditions negatively affecting the health like:

  • Chronic pelvic pain syndrome
  • Disorders of the thyroid
  • Recreational use of drugs

Myth 4: Psychological conditions are always to blame for premature ejaculation.

Psychological conditions or problems can cause premature ejaculation, but there are a myriad of other factors that contribute to the occurrence of PE. There are two types of premature ejaculation: Primary and Secondary.

Primary PE is caused by factors affecting a person’s psychological condition. This may be due to anxiety or stress related to performance or even having experienced sexual abuse in the past. Secondary PE, on the other hand, is brought about by health conditions or other physiological elements like hormonal and chemical imbalances in the body, an underlying ED condition, or an oversensitive penis resulting in low ejaculatory threshold. 

Myth 5: Premature ejaculation has little to no effect on a person’s psyche.

To say that PE has little to no effect on a person’s psyche is incorrect. Let’s be honest, everyone has an ego that they need to protect. For men, one of the factors that boosts their ego is their ability to perform and provide satisfaction to their partner during sex. Premature ejaculation hinders not only a man’s ability to enjoy love making, but their partner’s as well. In the long run, PE can be a factor that brings negative influence to a person’s overall health and sex life. When not addressed, this can result in a negative self-image that can affect a person’s quality of life.

How is premature ejaculation diagnosed?

Premature ejaculation is diagnosed by identifying its causes. During a consultation with your doctor, you may be asked about the following:

  • How long you have been experiencing this problem
  • What condition were you in when this problem occurred
  • Does it commonly happen each time you have sex
  • Are there times when you do not experience premature ejaculation during sex
  • Have you experienced not being able to keep an erection

Your doctor may also ask about any medical conditions that you have been diagnosed with and medications that you are currently taking to be able to make an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Medical procedures or lab tests are not usually required to make a diagnosis, but they may be recommended if your doctor suspects that an underlying medical condition has something to do with your PE problem.

What treatments are recommended for premature ejaculation?

The most common treatments recommended for premature ejaculation are:

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Counseling
  • Oral or topical medications

Behavioral therapy teaches diverse techniques that may help to stall orgasm. Below are some of the ways that you may want to know more about and practice in order to take control of your body and prevent premature ejaculation:

  • Distracted thinking
  • Squeeze therapy
  • Start and stop method

Counseling can help address premature ejaculation caused by psychological factors. Doctors who work in the field of psychology and psychiatry can help you overcome issues that affect your mental and sexual health. If you would like your partner to get involved with your treatment, you may want to consult with a couples or sex therapist. 

Medications used to treat premature ejaculation should be done according to the recommendation of your doctor as using these without proper guidance may result in other medical conditions. Antidepressants taken orally and topical numbing creams that are applied to certain parts of the penis may help delay premature ejaculation. 

Premature ejaculation may be an uncomfortable topic for you to discuss with a medical provider, but rest assured our doctors at Zest Clinic will attend to you professionally and utmost confidentiality. Visit our clinic in Singapore to start your premature ejaculation treatment.

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