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Dental injection phobia? Not at dentist Richmond!

Dental procedures and treatments have undergone amazing development over the past decade and the work being done will produce many more. Skills and techniques are learned over time but with dental science and technology working together, the latest equipment evolves quicker than before. Pain free dentistry has always been an ambition of the dental profession and now that dream is gradually being realised. A piece of dental equipment that demonstrates the advances made in dentistry is “The Wand.” Many dental patients suffer from anxiety for a variety of reasons. One of those has always been injections and as a progressive dentist Richmond, this team is pleased to be able to offer their patients a painless and targeted method of delivering local anaesthetic. Imagine going to see the dentist and not leaving with a numb mouth, dribbling saliva and what feels like a thick lip. There will be no syringe near your mouth and you won’t have to clench in anticipation.

Team focused on you

This team is patient-focused all with the same ethos: “treat our patients as we would want to be treated!” Patients return to this practice year after year for their checkups and recommend it to their friends and families. The team members have third and fourth generations of family and even patients from overseas visiting them. To get feedback that will help them to improve their service and in keeping with the modern method of providing feedback, they encourage patients to leave a review.

Keeping service current

The advances being made are coming thick and fast, especially in the dental industry and it is important to stay up to date with equipment and techniques. This team regularly updates their equipment and attend training and seminars explaining new techniques, so that they can always offer you the best treatment available.

Take a long term view

Your teeth need to last you for a lifetime and this experienced team provides a range of services to help achieve that ambition. Their preventive dentistry program includes educating young and older patients on the proper way to brush their teeth and the correct equipment that best suits their mouth. This team advocates oral hygiene and explain the need for brushing teeth at least twice a day and visiting the dental surgery a minimum of once every six months. They take pride in helping patients to stop smoking, and in providing mouth cancer screening to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums as well as fresh breath.

//Keeping you smiling//

In the first instance, the helps to keep your teeth doing what they were designed primarily to do which is to chew your food. Everybody wants to look the best they can, and this dedicated cosmetic dentistry team employs all the latest dental equipment to whiten your teeth safely and can improve your smile by correcting any cracked, chipped or discoloured teeth. If you have misaligned teeth this team can put a straight broad smile on your face, to be proud of, within six to eight months. The latest technology allows them to create and fit prosthetic teeth that look and feel just like your natural teeth.

//Your dental team//

This team is your technical support service, all dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy a healthy oral cavity. All you have to do is adhere to a daily routine and let your dentist do the rest; with a half yearly examination, clean and shine, your teeth will last a lifetime!

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