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Difference between facelift machine and microcurrent machine

Difference between facelift machine and microcurrent machine

Facelift machine or microcurrent facials all are used as an anti-aging treatment. Only a few people know that there is a difference between a facelift machine and a microcurrent machine. We can say that the best microcurrent machine for estheticians is the latest facelift technology of modern times.

Microcurrent machines work almost identical to any other facial machine, and they are a contemporary addition to beauty experts. Facial lifts machines are available in many types, and there are few machines you can use at home. Likewise, you can use few microcurrent machines at home too. The most common facelift machines that are used in homes are Radio frequency facelift machines.

This article will guide you about the difference between the best microcurrent machines for estheticians and facelift machines. Let’s get started with the definitions:

Facelift machines:

The facelift machine tightens the skin and removes the wrinkles and fine lines from the neck and face. It also reduces sagging and make you look younger, fresh and healthy.

It uses different techniques; the ones we all know commonly are radio frequency machines. The machines increase blood circulation and help in rejuvenating the skin. The radio facelift machines use heat into deep skin layers and create healthy collagen and boost elastin production.

How does it work?

Radiofrequency facelift machine energy is measured in wavelengths or frequency per second. When the heat reaches 52 degrees, it pushes all collagen fiber cells together and enhances the production of elastin. It increases the protein level in cells which improves skin elasticity. Read more about Asian flush here.

Microcurrent machines:

Microcurrent machines are used by aestheticians that stimulate collagen and provide required firmness. It works out the muscles. It is a safe and organic facelift. The machines not only reduce soreness and swelling; also works as anti-inflammation. The microcurrent machines help tighten pores and get rid of many skin issues like acne and scars. It is one of the safest and painless methods to treat your skin for anti-aging.

How does it work?

Microcurrent machine works through using a control level of electric currents that mimic body current and stimulate blood supply and produce healthy skin cells. It works on skin muscles, hydrates the skin cells clean the pores, and gets rid of skin problems like saggy eyes, acne scars, and fine wrinkles. By doing so, it provides healthy and younger-looking skin.


Here is the difference between the two anti-aging treatment machines.

Facelift machines

Radiofrequency Facelift machines improve collagen and elastin production with the heating layer’s help. The heat penetrates the skin and boosts the production, eventually lead to skin tightening and a younger-looking face.

  • Facelift machines work to tighten the skin.
  • It produces heat to stimulate elastin production.
  • It works on skin and comparatively temporary solution

Microcurrent machines:

Best Microcurrent machines for estheticians work to stimulate metabolism of cells and skin muscles. It increases blood circulation and boosts new & better cells production. For this process, the machine produces low-level currents which mimic the body currents. In this process, they rejuvenate the cells and provide you with a younger-looking face.

  • A Microcurrent machine tightens the muscles of skin, not skin layers.
  • It produces a controlled current level that mimics the natural body procedure.
  • Microcurrent machines help reduce many skin issues like acne.
  • It helps in reducing soreness and also carries anti-inflammation features.
  • Microcurrent machines clean the pores and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Microcurrent machines fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It works on muscles and provides a more permanent solution
  • Microcurrent helps in hydrating skin cells to make you look glowing and young.

What’s look alike?

  • Both facelift and microcurrent machines are a painless treatment for anti-aging
  • For best results, you may have to go for repeated sessions at least once a month.
  • Both remove aging signs like providing the desired firmness to the skin.

Can you use them together?

Yes, you can use them together – but if you are looking forward to doing so, make sure you go for facelift (radio frequency) before microcurrent therapy. When your skin is appropriately heated, a microcurrent therapy will penetrate the skin in a better way – combining both will give your skin a long-lasting solution for aging signs.

Who cannot use them?

Although both treatments are safe for the skin, it is better to consult your dermatologist if you are pregnant or having some skin allergies or diseases.

What’s better?

Both treatments are painless and offer the same result, but microcurrent facials may be the best therapy for your aging skin. But many people may find that incorporation is a better solution. They might be correct, but it will raise the costs, which is not affordable to all.

There is no doubt that the best microcurrent machines for estheticians provide long-lasting treatment for anti-aging. Lastly, it also depends on personal preferences. Choose wisely what is best for your skin and consult the skin specialists for a better opinion. Keep glowing; stay happy!



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