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Don’t Ignore This Early Sign of Male Pattern Baldness

Don't Ignore This Early Sign of Male Pattern Baldness

While male pattern baldness is not uncommon, it generally goes unchecked for far too long. The key to preserving a full head of hair is to have a proactive approach as soon as you notice the first early sign of male pattern baldness.

But with so much conflicting information out there, what should men really be looking out for when it comes to male pattern baldness? And what are the best solutions to try, from the get-go?

Check out the rest of this blog for all the best advice you need.

Hair Fall: The First Early Sign of Male Pattern Baldness

For many men, they may spend time assessing their hairline in the mirror, wondering if it’s receding and whether that’s a sign of male pattern baldness. When, in fact, there’s a far more obvious and simple sign to look out for — hair fall.

This is the hallmark symptom to look out for if you suspect that you could be at the beginning stages of balding. But bear in mind, your hair fall will be quite significant — i.e. a lot more hair loss than usual.

It’s also easy to ignore hair fall and think that it’s part of the natural hair shedding process, or that it’s even seasonal. But it’s a different story if you begin to notice a significant amount of hair loss when you wash or comb your hair. You may even find your pillow or clothing covered in hair.

Yes, some amount of hair loss is normal. On average, most people lose up to 100 strands of hair per day. But if it’s significantly more than that, this is your first sign that you could be balding.

Unusual Hair Behavior

Aside from very obvious amounts of hair fall, you also want to look for another obvious sign, and that’s when your hair starts to behave differently.

If you’ve had the same sort of hairstyle for a number of years, you should have a good idea of how your hair lies when you brush it. For example, you know where your parting is, whether you have a cowlick and where the swirl of your crown(s) are.

But if your hair starts to behave differently, sit in a different way, stick up or curl in certain areas it hasn’t before, this is another sign of male pattern baldness and hair loss.

What Are Your Treatment Options?

No man wants to learn that he is losing prematurely, but the good news is that there are real solutions for male pattern balding. The trick is to catch things early on to give yourself the best chance at preserving the hair you have left.

Today, there are even surgical options to replace lost hair follicles, with hair transplants from board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jacono. If you prefer to try a few less invasive solutions first, here’s what to consider:

  • Opt for a DHT blocking shampoo — these shampoos such as Saw Palmetto and caffeine-based options help with hair health and restoration
  • Pack your diet full of DHT blocking foods — this includes minerals such as biotin, and vitamins E, D, and B
  • Look at your work and lifestyle and figure out ways to reduce your stress levels
  • Take a look at your current medication regimen and assess whether anything you’re taking could be causing hair loss
  • There are also certain types of products you can take including Redensyl, Minoxidil, and Finasteride to restore hair growth

In some cases, male pattern baldness is the result of genetics. While there is nothing you can do to change your genetic makeup, remember that your diet and lifestyle can greatly impact the rate at which you lose hair.

Stay On Top of Your Wellbeing With Us

If you can catch the first early sign of male pattern baldness from the get-go, this gives you a real chance at preserving your head of hair for the long term. The last thing you should do is wait for other signs or live in a state of denial about it. Be proactive and you will thank yourself down the line!

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